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Thread: Buying DLC from Gamersgate for Steam ?

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    Buying DLC from Gamersgate for Steam ?

    Can we use DLC bought from Gamersgate with the Steam version ? I know we can do so with other games (like HoI3) but I don't know for Magicka. Can we ?

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    Nevermind, I just found my answer... just had to put my magic glasses on I guess...

    Magicka DLC
    Categoriesownloadable Content
    Publisher:Paradox Interactive
    Developer:Arrowhead Game Studio
    DRM:Steamworks (Requires a 3rd party download and account)
    Activation:Can be activated on Steam
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    Same here, I just got the DLC collection and some other miscellaneous DLC from Gamersgate and it all works fine on Steam...I hate myself for breaking down and using Steam, but that is a different beast altogether.

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    Magicka is a Steam only game. There is no (legal) version that does not use steam. Which means anything you buy from elsewhere will be a key that you enter on steam that will unlock said items.

    So yes: Gamersgate DLC will work with the steam game.

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