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Thread: Ideas for a future mod/ patch

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    Ideas for a future mod/ patch

    Yes, I was late for this last one, but I decided to make a thread to share ideas for the future mods and/or patches. Here are some I can think of:
    -The ability to have individual provinces in your sphere, to make it a bit more historical (think China in the late 1800s). you could get a CB on anyone who has a core on it(?).
    -The ability to buy a province.

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    Individual provinces in sphere would make a lot of sense but what benefits would it give apart from the CB? Or would it just be the CB?

    Also http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...5.2-Beta-Forum

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    That would work best for like colonies where you plan to go but don't and you get a colonial CB if someone colonizes there on things like China that would be a hard one although it was historical i don't know how you would model it or what it should benefit

    Edit: a temporary CB
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