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Thread: Warlock Wiki site

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    Warlock Wiki site

    I would love to see a warlock wiki site, where all the information regarding Everything in Warlock can be found. I would love to contribute to this site so that it would be up and running towards the release day. Sadly I don't know anything about HTML and webpages.

    The site would be used to see unit-, building-, skill- and spell-trees (more about that here). I could imagine doing one, or several, of such trees - but they need a wiki to be put on. The wiki would also be used for information regarding units, buildings, monsters, AI, resources, the great mages, spells and much more. Even strategy guides can go up here.

    Is there a big desire for such wiki-page, then it would be awesome to get some people together to make one! There's a service for this particular subject. Wikia.com is a service where you can do wiki's, though personally I don't like the ads and design. So I don't know.

    Examples on wiki pages:
    Mount & Blade
    King Arthur II (a very recent one)
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    More power to you if you want there to be a wiki and all...

    But it seems to me that this is the most straight-forward, "cater to the casual, mainstream gamer" title that Paradox has probably ever been involved with.

    Not once during the demo was there anything I encountered which felt like it would be incomprehensible even to your average facebook gamer. Anything even remotely questionable seemed pretty well explained in tooltips and the like.

    In a lot of ways, this game is even simplified or "stream-lined" or "dumbed down" (depending on your perspective) from the game that inspired it.

    Just my thoughts. Shrug.

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    Is there a unit/building list at least?

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Duke View Post
    Is there a unit/building list at least?
    I am attempting to start compiling one here;

    Though it would be easier to add these things to a wikia than a google doc or forum

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