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Thread: after release, will there be periodic wipes/world resets?

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    after release, will there be periodic wipes/world resets?

    just curious if this game is to be like haven with a world reset every 6 - 8 months, if not will there be any sort of naturally occuring regrowth system to replenish resources such as forests that have been cut down?

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    replenishing resources is a concern regardless... you have to walk a solid 25 minutes from boston to find any maple leaves.

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    If people are going to be able to buy silver with real currency, I very seriously doubt they won't make the world persistent.

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    Considering people will actually being paying money in this game unlike HnH I'm guessing the wipes (if any) will be very infrequent.

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    HnH only wipes because either the map gets messed up to a point of no return or new features are added that warrent a new world. I doubt they will wipe a game people are putting money into.

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