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Thread: A question reagarding later development.

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    Question A question reagarding later development.

    So yeah. I'm a proud owner of a shitty laptop with a shitty Intel graphic chipset and I'm curious about later development.
    At this state. i can't play the game.
    I'm getting that GL error: 1281.
    As far as i know. It's caused by too large textures that the game is trying to generate.
    And there comes my question. are you gentlemen from Seatribe going to repair this?
    Or will you leave it as is redeeming us. Intel chipsets users with no hope of later play?
    Waiting for answer : )

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    Great question. Guess there's two stances in the gaming world devs can take. Try to accept all the older potential hardware that makes up a small percentage of the existing systems or make a stand and say that here's your tech cut-off--anything older is just screwed. (CCP pulled the latter with EVE and I am still angry over it.)

    I'm guessing that there's absolutely no newer drivers available and that you've dug into it. I've ran across several people with this problem. Some can resolve with driver updates, others can't.

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    Latest drivers for this card are 4 years old :/
    Isn't this easy to fix?
    I heard that putting a max resolution of textures to 2048x2048 would do the job.
    And It's not only me who have this type of graphic card/error.
    I know around 15~ peoples struggling with this error.
    Please. fix this and make me and the other guys with similar problem happy

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    No, it's not as easy as that to fix. If I understand the problem correctly, that's just what OpenGL reports. Players have been getting this error in HnH, too (pretty much the same engine) and I don't think any of the textures are over 2kx2k in size (don't think any are over 512x512 in size). It is being worked on, though, so hopefully a solution will be found.

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