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Thread: I'm back :D

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    I'm back :D

    Heya guys, after 10 weeks I'm finally back for around a week here at home and hopefully I will also be around in future as we are now given a little time to ourselves in the weekends during training and we are also allowed laptops now... Being positively spoilt I say. A lot seems to have happened since I left for initial training but the first look of the game looks good....

    On a small note the standard "war load" for a Type 45 is 16 Aster-15 missiles and 32 Aster-30 missiles. Also Type 23's as standard would probably operate Merlin ASW helicopters not Lynx Wildcat (more likely to be operated by the rest of the fleet). However I don't know if these things change depending on your missions?

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    Welcome back Brutoni, good to have you around again! Hope it's all going well!
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    Welcome back! I don't know you but it seems as though you are in military training so good luck and stay smart!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baynard View Post
    Welcome back! I don't know you but it seems as though you are in military training so good luck and stay smart!
    Smart people will be killed or accidentallly gone missing or have a bad fatal accident or found to have fallen from bridges. Maybe he mean be and stay the contrary

    Anyway watch out for Baynard and his relatives but stay frosty. Kill em with the radiance of your coolness

    And always protect yourself

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    Hi Brutoni,

    Good to see you back here!

    Thanks for info on Aster 30/15 loads; that info is hard to come by. We'll work that in somehow.

    Helo loads can be set in each mission.

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    He's back Hope training's been going well! You should register your game on zee forums

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