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Thread: Couple of Issues and Ideas

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    Couple of Issues and Ideas

    Im on holiday and thought a game to see me home on the 11 hour flight would be great. But while i like the concept and generally the game iteself, i cant help but feel i've just puchased another beta (seems to be a recent trend in studio's these days). I understand the demands being made on the studios by publishers, but surely if im buying a beta, i want to know.

    -game hangs when selecting multiple groups of units on an attack run and clicking Reform formation
    -the fuel guage is confusing, when you click RTB the guage instantly moves to 100% regardless of where it was originally (if they're dumping fuel, perhaps i can make them stop)
    -Cant change home base once you've clicked RTB, even if you cancelled the RTB command
    -Some kind of memory leak using 3d mode causing game to hang after an hour or two.
    -Selecting mimium weapon usage doesn't stick
    -Craft appear to select targets at random even though im directing them to shoot at specific targets
    -Not quite sure what the diference is between normal and overkill. Appears to fire the same volley regardless
    -Broad selecting with the mouse tends to actively select a specific craft within within the group rather than actively selecting all
    -A little encylopedia about all the assets would be helpfull, especially the radars, some of which appear to offer the same abilities equipped to the same craft
    -Let me set home base to a group rather than having to select craft individually ro do the same job twice.
    -The cut scenes between missions... well, i think you guys ran out of budget, at least i hope you didn't pay anyone to do them!
    -in 3d mode the missiles never actually impact the target, they just... disapear followed by an exposion.
    -Surely a damaged asset is less affective, why is a cruiser who's heaviy on fire, down to its last 10% still firing volleys of SAM's, Cruise missiles and Gatling guns?
    -Same with airfields, if hit a airfield i want to see reduce effiency, damaged/destroyed planes, increased reload/waiting time
    -Why does it take 30mins to re-arm and refuel, but 60mins to just re-arm?
    -If in-air refueling planes carry fuel as a consumable, could we perhaps see it, no point me sending a flight to it to refuel if its only got a few units left making my craft crash
    -Why isn't AAM simulating height at which they re launched into consideration. Any Lockon (or any other simulator) fan knows that the height advantage from laucnhing a height/speed means more range (at the cost of lower hit rate due to radar clutter on the ground(the missile is looking down))
    -What about an after game report summary that goes into a little more detail, you've played one level for 3 hours, perhaps reward us with some statistics.
    -A save option during a 3 hour game, this will at least offset some of the rage from the unexplained crashes..
    -A skirmish/mission editor too much to ask in the intial release?
    -Throw a bit of netcode at this and it'll be a cracking multiplyer game... guess it never made the budget.

    Off the shelf win7 64bit, i5, geforce 540m, 6gb acer laptop @ 1366x768

    Im guessing being my first post im gonna get a flamming. And no doubt these points have likely been made, its frustrating when users don't use the search function - a bit like when developers release an polished game i guess.

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    I think all the points you brought up are valid and have been mentioned by many others. I agree with your feel that this is sort of a late beta stage, and it should perhaps had been marketed as such (I would have bought it anyway ). I'll leave it to someone else to answer all your issues, but most of them are being worked on by the devs. The devs are very communicative and show a great will to improve on all the issues. Several suggestions by fans have already made it into the patches , right now they are focusing on the crashes and memory leaks.
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