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Thread: Boston Massacre! Is it possible?

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    Boston Massacre! Is it possible?

    Is Boston safe? What happens if people try to come and kill everyone in Boston?

    You know, the marketplace area, where you start with a bunch of AFK and semi AFK people.

    Can a group of people come one day and murder everyone in Boston?

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    Not until you step outside of boston.

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    Too bad.
    It would provide one of the best moments in gaming for all of us. Its been over 10 years since my last Britain massacre in Ultima Online.

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    Go play EVE and hang out in Jita. That should fulfill your need for mass killing of non-combatants.

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    Nothing annoys me more in games like this than unfair fights like that, that'd be a stupid idea :/ The point is this game is unfair but that would be too far 1 vs 1 are so much more interesting :/

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