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Thread: Can you get rid of a Duchy?

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    Can you get rid of a Duchy?

    I am a king and I just had a vassal turn himself into a duke. But I don't want him to be a duke, I liked him as a count. Now I can do various things to revoke his duke title, but then I get it and will have too many duke titles. I could give it away to someone more loyal but I'd rather just get rid of the title entirely. Is there a way to do this? And if not, what is the penalty for having too many myself? Is that workable?

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    You can't just destroy a title. And if you do, it can just be re-created again. There's no way to stop a vassal from creating a duchy for himself other than stopping him from getting half of the counties in a duchy. It's just the way the game works. If you hold too many duchies yourself, your vassals will start to resent you.

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    The penalty for having too many duchies is -10 to relations for each duchy beyond two. There's a gamey way to destroy duchy titles: Give it to someone who has a single county, then somehow gain the county from him without gaining the duchy and the title will disappear. Obviously this'll only be temporary if the count you mentioned will create it again.

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    My best tip is to think ahead before you create duchies. In my current game as Poland, I've only created/usurped duchy titles when I'm giving the land away (to have fewer direct vassals). Pomeralia and Lithuania haven't been created yet, though I've had them for ~70 years, and neither am I planning on creating the newly conquerred Duchy of Crimea.

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    if you want a super gamey way to get rid of a duchie here it is:

    one you revoke the duke's title and have the title yourself. gift one of the holy orders a piece of land (a barony will suffice in one of your counties) then gift them the duke title. declare war on the holy order because you will have a claim on the barony because it is in your county. upon victory of the war the duke title will destroyed. meaning that someone in your realm would have to create it again.

    its possible that the count who created it will create it again. those 2 county dukedoms are tricky because both counts can create the title. then they spend the rest of the 300 years usurping it from each other.
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    I send all my problems to the church. The church hates me, and I hate them too.

    In this case, I just give them to a bishop, before I hand out the county titles. Bishops are nowhere as plotty as nobles, and having one bastard with no real power to imprison is gold.

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    For 2 county duchy:

    Get the duchy title for yourself. Give county 1 to person A. Give county 2 to person B. Give the Duchy title to person C who has a county not part of the duchy. Person A B and C will have a hate fest, but you will be left out of it.

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    Wouldn't that last solution lead to potentially having C eat up A, B, or both?

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    Eventually, yes...it's possible. But in my own experiance, A duke with no de jure counties is easier to deal with than a duke with 1 de jure county. It takes him that much longer to assimilate the de jure Duchy, and you have plenty of time to plot him out of power if he's too frisky.

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    By what right are you King sir?!?!

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    It's not the Duke...it's all the troops!

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