I notized some CTDs that donnot occur in a strict reproducable way but still often enough under certain condition to make me guess that it is not just a random coindence. Disbanding huge amounts of units as soviet union or china, starting to produce infrastructure in many provinces and then increase the length of a series within the buildung queue, clicking somewhere near the artillery bombard mission button all seem to increase the probabilty of the occurance of those CTD. Most reproducable is it when changing the number of infrastucture units in a province from 15 to 16 if the existing infrastucture is at level 40% or in general from one too less to the intented lenght of the series. But still there seem to be a random element. I guess there is some sort of stacking overflow or some sort of data mismanagement when dealing with big amount of data. I cannot tell for sure, this is pretty strange.