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Thread: Damage resistance to Damage taken formula

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    Damage resistance to Damage taken formula

    For those who care about these kind of things:

    Damage Taken = Floor( 2^(-Damage Resistance/50) - 1 )


    Damage Resistance = 50 => Damage Taken = 2^(-1) - 1 = -0.5 => -50%
    Damage Resistance = -25 => Damage Taken = 2^(0.5)-1 = Sqrt(2)-1 = 0.416 => +41%

    Due to the exponential, this becomes very large very quickly for low values (not sure how low Ramage Resistance can go, but already -50 doubles damage taken (Damage Reduction = +100%), if it is -100, Damage taken =+300%. And obviously asymptotes to -100% as Damage Resistance goes to infinity (so diminishing returns).

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    Thanks for the information, do you also know how the random factor affects the actual damage? (including critical hits)

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    Sir A,

    VERY interesting subject. I am usually really great with math.

    Is there a chance you (or someone) else could put that math in a different format? I am not tracking what you did, I think this has to do with me not being as great with math as I thought. Thanks in advance.

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    I now understand what you had revealed. Excellent.

    Do you have any math insight on the how that Combat loss factor calculations are computed in calculating possible HP losses.

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