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Thread: Online tournament/ladder system? [Suggestion]

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    Post Online tournament/ladder system? [Suggestion]


    I would like to know if there is plans to do a "ladder system", this will tell how good a player is and also extend the playtime of the game.

    Here is my basic idea of a ladder system:

    A weakly bases tournament the will be divide in 3 trials for a player to complete and they will have to gain a set amount of points to pass to the next trial:

    1) Challenges:
    This would be things like: "kill 5 enemies in a row" or "don't die in a game", thing the will make the player have a more rewarding experience over the game, this challenges will also give extra exp or unlocks.

    2) Duels:
    Once the player complete enough challenges they will be call in a match to fight an other player the has the same level as him to a death battle, this means the once your opponent on the duel kills you there is no come back and you will have to wait for an other opponent.

    3) Tournament
    When the player reach a set amount of point through the trials he will be available to join a "tournament server" where you will have to face other player to death, once you die you must wait an 1hr before you can log in to the server again, if you didn't die you can still log off and back in 5 times everyday.

    At the end of the tournament this will be the rewards:
    -The 10 best player receive a especial unlock and exp (if there is gold they would also receive that) and next week they can log in at the tournament servers and try to keep they honor. (they can't receive the rewards 2 times in a row)
    -The 50 next player receive exp (if there is gold they would also receive that) and they will not have to complete the first trial next week.
    -The rest of the player receive exp.

    To avoid pro player to kill to fast new players there will be a league system (something like Starcraft 2 league system)

    In case there is 50 levels:
    -level 1-10 the "Peasant league"
    -level 11-20 the "Freeman league"
    -level 21-30 the "Thane league"
    -level 31-40 the "Gentleman league"
    -level 41-50 the "Knight league"
    In case there is 100 levels:
    -level 51-60 the "Baron league"
    -level 61-70 the "Earl league"
    -level 71-80 the "Duke league"
    -level 81-90 the "Prince league"
    -level 91-100 the "King league"

    well hope you like the idea, pleas tell me what u think i want to help as much as i can to see this game be awesome and sorry for my bad English.
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    It's way to early in the development process for the devs to think about tournaments and likewise events. The devs said they will try to give the best post-release content they can and that they might stimulate the player base by tournaments and stuff like that. So it's quite too early for anyone to be discussing events like this, sorry.

    EDIT: Oh, and welcome!

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    yeah i figure the is too early, but the idea wont require any other map and it will be mostly UI driven, like you could check the challenges in-game, and it will tell you if u have an opponent in game, as well the servers of the last trial would only be normal servers with exclusive access, and the point can be check on your "profile", but yeah, cant wait for the game and im sure it will be amazing anyway :3

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    This may be good. An official league tables may be a good thing. The whole system sounds pretty cool, look forward to a dev opinion on this.
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