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Thread: Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Are there any more? I know that the "[" and "]" keys will let you cycle through your units but are there any more?
    Also, I really like the demo. I pre-ordered right after playing through it.

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    I am currently playing the Beta, and I seriously hope that the 8-May release version will have keyboard shortcuts (KS).

    The 2 major issues, related to the absence of KS, in my version (v1.0.1.22 of 28 March) are :

    * When you select the units' available-for-order button on the right edge of the screen, you have to swing the mouse way over to the left edge in order to execute orders -- pressing a key to assign an order (D for defend, for example) would be faster and less tedious (avoiding the mouse swinging from right to left) ;

    * When a unit is selected, it is not easy to deselect it completely or to cancel its order (the 'escape' key opens the save/load/options/exit Menu).
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    Here what I found so far.

    F5 = QuickSave
    F9 = Load QuickSave
    [ and ] = cycle through units
    Alt-R = Open and Close Research
    Alt-C = Open and Close Cast Spell
    F12 = Takes screenshot (this might be the steam overlay)
    H= Turn Hex on and off
    G = Guard Mode
    E = I think causes a unit to Explore for that turn. My unit just start moving to the fog when I hit E.
    Arrow keys scroll the map.
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