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Thread: New Patch?

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    First thing I noticed is that the show-building-destroy button, in the city, was removed : anyway, it was always dark and non-functional in the previous version.

    I wonder if there is a way to destroy a specific building.

    If you click on one, in the cityscape, all it does is darken its icon and eliminate its cost for one turn !?!

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    No worries, wanted to make sure it wasn't just me, it's beta, such things are expected... though I was ONE TURN away from the temple that would have given me full faction with a god and spawned the demigod nemesis!!! But the beta still works, and they said it would only go through the 3rd, so hey! Time to keep going!

    Awesome game guys! Looking forward to many many hours with it.

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    Before the recent patch, during more than 150 hours of play in 17 days, I never received a diplomatic message from an A.I. expressing any exortion attempt.

    Tonight, during my very first game with the new patch, an A.I. called what he named a "parley". I only had 2 choices : give that king rat 80% of my gold or refuse and provoke War.

    Update > The king rat was prepared. As soon as I refused his extortion attempt, he launched a major attack against one of my cities with 5 elite units (full of upgrades and magical bonuses).

    At first glance, this new patch really seems to have made the A.I. more aggressive and militarily competent.
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