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Thread: Nation Improvement Mod - Target: Brazil

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    Nation Improvement Mod - Target: Brazil

    I play countries in South America a lot. It's fun to catapult them to Great Power status without the tumults of Europe or the dregs of the uncivilized world. But all too often I realize that the South American countries have very little depth to them. You'll never see Brazil become a democracy, nor any of the revolutionary movements on the continent from that time period ever make themselves known.

    I was hoping to change that, starting with Brazil.

    NIP Target: Brazil

    • Changed the regions of Brazil to better reflect the former colonies of Portugal and divisions upon the creation of the First Republic. Added the Goias region.
    • Rio Grande do Sul starts the game as an independent nation
    • Para, Maranhao, Pernambuco, Bahia, and the Juliana Republic are possible revolters
    • Increased the starting militacy of all non-accepted Brazilian pops
    • Added decision to change Brazil to a Democracy if slavery is outlawed and MIL and CON are high enough

    • Para is supposed to be occupied by rebels, like the Spanish Carlists. They disappear after a few days in-game. Not sure what is causing this.

    • Uses standard 2.21 Victoria mod loader. Extract ZIP folder to Victoria 2/mod.
    • Only Brazilian provinces, country and OOB files, the REB OOB, and the regions.txt file were changed from vanilla, so minimal conflicts should occur with mods unrelated those files.

    The screenshot shows Peru-Bolivia, but that's something else I'm working on. It's not included in this download.
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