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    From what we have seen so far, this game has enormous potential and great promise, however it needs to take what we have all learned from games such as warband (which while great is not perfect) and not repeat it's mistakes.

    Also I am hoping that we will start to see a steadily increasing amount of footage and detail on this as interest is definitely growing.

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    Any special suggestions?

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    So far I am predominantly happy with the things I have seen and heard, if they manage to pull it off and stick to their guns I think we could be in for a treat. Sure fix a few animations and keep as much realism as they can. Attempt to avoid a warband style spamfest combat system (while taking the baseline mechanics from it which we love). Special suggestions at this point would be mere speculation without a better idea of how it handles/seeing more content and I am trying to avoid diving into an 'up in the air' style list.. ^.^

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