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Thread: Win a copy of the Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer DLC!

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    Cadoc the Canny, Cornish ruler of the ancient time, a harsh fighter and grim diplomat. May not be the most clever man around those times, but, hey, he's the king of Cornwall, so get out of his way.
    Storm over Tintagel - A Cornwall AAR for CK: DV and TASS ... Started: 26.07.2008 ++ Updated: May 2009...

    Final Patch - Ideas for new conditions and effects

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    Nū ist geschehen, des ich ie bat:
    ich bin komen an die stat,
    dā got mennischlīchen trat.

    King Theodolf `the Poet`of Lotharingia, after the conquest of Jerusalem and the creation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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    Ramon Berenguer VI, king of aragon,duke of barcelona.
    he became king because all his brothers died in cells,
    he unchained his father, took his crown, and fell down
    his horse in a hunt and died.

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    A man of many virtues,
    glorious in his conquests.
    But a malicious infidel did not appreciate!
    Destroyer of worlds,
    he has become death,
    the slaughterer of the righteous.

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    Richard I of England, he
    the Lionheart of old
    versed in the art of chivalry
    in courage he was bold

    He went upon the third crusade
    to take the Holy Land
    But he failed and was unmade
    slain just by an ant

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    And with his sword, he drew a line,
    Between the living and the dead.
    And from his pocket he drew a note,
    Trembling as he read:

    Dear God, who loves us still,
    To You our lives are rendered.
    In freedom's cause, we serve thy will,
    Death, but not surrender.
    If you want my help, register your game..
    Senatus Populusque Romanus!

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    Some very nice pieces coming around, especially the poetry.
    I'll try something different. I hope its obvious enough =).


    Genius, just, brave and virtuous,
    The hero died too early.
    He desires his return,
    The creator grants his wish.
    But there must be balance.
    So he became depressed,
    Because he was made inbred and incapable.

    ----End (199 characters with spaces)----
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    The new king of Jerusalem stood tall and proud, watching over his new conquest bathing in the sunlight. Which coloured it red as blood as the day he took it. He came from nothing to here, clearly it was his divine duty to rule.
    "History is form of cybersex!"
    "Please, call me Grubby"
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    King Sven the First of Denmark did wisely commission painting. King Sven the First of Denmark did wisely commission painting. King Sven the First of Denmark did wisely commission painting.
    King Sven was mostly known for his stutter.

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    Quick, Kind, genius, temperate and Brave are the traits you would see,
    Because of course the rulers based on me,
    real shame that the game makes me two hundred and three
    But that there's the rules of this DLC!
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    Bleddyn, gaze not upon your poor domain
    Gaze upon your hearth and fire
    A line of blood from then till now
    Will guide your ambitious feuds
    Lest high blooded fools
    Ride roughshod over poor Bleddyn

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    The King took his sister to bed
    How quickly the rumors spread
    That half his son's traits were purple and red
    But when the son came to head
    The Kingdom's people all said
    "Thank God he wasn't inbred"

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    "Silence boy! Heed my words! Life cares not for your ambitions. Turmoil and calamity will come like great waves and crash upon all that you hold dear. When all is chaos around you, remember your lessons," spoke Jon, Duke of Alnwick to his son.


    200 Characters including spaces?
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    Cold is coming,
    Dead is roaming.
    Duke Guilhčm, kneeling,
    Is praying Saints, God
    To give him Grace,
    Strenght,and Loyal Swords,
    To Victory.
    In Memory
    Of His Father
    And Grand Fathers.
    War games are wearing.

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    The King and I

    The man was first a soldier, rose through the ranks as commander. Months of successful campaigns saw him a general, the unfortunate death of the king begot him Kingship. With his legendary exploits, upon his death he became like a God.
    Thank you,

    STEAM ID: Wohlever

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    They called him the "Inbreed King". Baudouin V. of Montferrato, King of Jerusalem. Nobody knows why he is inbreed but the reason is simple: His real father is Baudouin the Leper not Wilhelm of Montferrato.
    The "Inbreed King" reaches an age of 16 but the suffering goes on: Inbreedy falls in love with his chancellor, Gargamel of Nazareth. During the king feels like flying, Saladin starts his offensive against Jerusalem ...
    Please give the pope never this information. Sodomia non delectat.
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    Emperor Robert "the Devil," Emperor of the holy Romans, heretic of the church, Leader of 7 great kingdoms of the west, conqueror of Jerusalem. Absolute Monarch. The Anti-Christ.

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    In the east a young man becomes a chief over a Lithuanian tribe. Soon the realm will bleed, for he has forsaken his fathers gods and taken up the cross. His pagan neighbors gather their armies.
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    "....You might have a very minor case of serious brain damage...."

    Wheatly from portal 2

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    Oh, The grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men;
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.

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