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Thread: Win a copy of the Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer DLC!

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    Alone on a top of a bloody hill on the holy land stood Duke Robert. Amongst the bodies he stood serene for he knew by doing the god's will he would earn a place in heaven for him and is future kin.
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    The Eternal State - a DH-KR Ottoman AAR - Dropped due to health reasons

    Struggle for the Mediterranean - a BOR Punic War MP AAR
    - Dropped due to AGEOD leaving Paradox

    One of these days I will actually finish an AAR

    "Holy Roman Empire. Neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. But it doesn't have any oil so no reason for military intervention" -Voltaire.

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    His mother was the queen of Crannog
    and his father was a spanish wardog
    he is Danius the Splendid king of AoE
    as a retarded dwarf with crooked teeth
    he rode north to the land of Wyoming
    where summer ends and winter is coming!

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    Ah what the heck, i feel like a bit of fun.

    Michael, a great king, from the family of Durain,
    With his armies did he make the enemy suffer pain,
    Killed his wives, thrice, his mind unshaken,
    Never to conceive - a dwarf in womens clothing.

    I always love the wacky characters.

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    After sailing to the holy land, Duke Thibault drove the French army deep into heathen forces. He maneuvered his king's army as a skilled warrior would maneuver his sword. After much blood was shed, Duke Thibault remained in Jerusalem as king.

    (202 Characters)

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    Lady Lafe lounges among Oriental opulence, unaware We move among her unquestioning court. We study Lady Lafe. We ready Our heart. We grasp Our hilt. Death to the Pretender, Life to the Kingdom.

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    I am the one who outs Comm Cody's Avatar
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    In your ceiling.
    Blog Entries
    In peace, he served, In hell he lived, and in war he loved.
    Annoying vassals, flipping the Emperor and trolling the Czechs.
    Such is the fun of King Heinrich of Bavaria and Bohemia.
    Comm Cody on some forums, 2nd_Lt_Cody on others, and Pvt. Adams [2RB] or 2nd_Lt_Cody on steam.
    I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing!
    \[T]/ ☼ Do you even praise the sun?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Want to spread Autocracy? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    EUROO7- Wolves decide to hunt Comm Cody the seer but when they arrive at his chair, he's already stabbed himself in the face with a spoon and bled to death.
    Arkasas- Prematurely outing early once is forgivable, if displeasing. Prematurely outing twice is a good reason for a couple to break up.
    LatinKaiser-Slow clap for the seer going Rambo. This is why we have spokesmen, guys.
    k-59-You had better be a baddie Comm Cody, because I hate to think a goodie could be that stupid.

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    The steppes used to be quiet before, thought Igor. He missed the hot summer's hunt of his childhood,
    the usual chatter outside the gates of great city, now his capital, the usual hum of the guards on the walls, he missed it all now.

    The city of his childhood now being turned into a capital of slavs, once again, like so many years before him, before Varangians fell, the city has turned into a great hive.
    If his grandfather saw him today, thought Igor, he would be mighty proud. A tribe after tribe crushed, differences settled and old enemies at council, like snakes, beheaded.

    No one dares challenge Igor now, not after what happened to Poles. A king's head in basket, that was a good present brought by his generals. They get their share.
    The great city is buzzing and swirling, trying to store and forage food for a new army, an army that will challenge the West for the first time. Our ambassadors in the inner chambers praying and learning their instructions, ready to leave for the frontier cities of Hungary, to be offering fair terms to mayors who have good sense of living. Prayer is always good too before offering to foreigners what Igor has to say.

    Igor now smiled, realizing the whole picture once again.

    This is the biggest summer hunt of his life.
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    As a better man once said...

    Glamis thou art and Cawdor and shalt be
    What thou art promised, yet do I fear thy nature
    It is too full o' the milk of human kindness
    To catch the nearest way thou wouldst be great
    Art not without ambition but without
    The illness should attend it

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    gone country
    Old King is dead,
    Long live New King !!
    He's maimed, wounded,
    Stressed, Ill.

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    There once was a Duke of Savoy
    Ambitious since he'd been a boy
    If his neighbours did sneeze
    Their lands he would seize
    In EU3 he'd have lots of Badboy
    Veni Vidi Castravi Illegitimos

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    From his patch of western land, Ronan de Bretagne was bound to rule France. Was the king Arthur spirit giving him such bravery ? The foolishness of Avalon sorcerers ? No.
    He won, they bowed.

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    The silver tongued devil prefers flattery and soothing to bloodshed. A bit daft in open combat the duke is not afraid to use intrigue, knowing one blade in the dark can be worth 10,000 on the field.

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    A holy Polish king, seeking nothing but glory and to see the kingdom of Rus become his through marriage and intrigue. Scared to fight on the field and weak in the body but able in the soul to conquer!

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    He is most wise, brave, honorable and just, with vassals and with enemies.
    He listens to his trusted council. He lives with piety and honor.
    He is my king and will forever be,
    The ruler of my destiny.

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    She is attractive and cruel, her hair as red as the blood that flows down the hilt of the dagger that impaled her young stepmother before her efforts stole the throne. She is the queen of Sicily.

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    My ruler likes cats. All he thinks about is cats. He made a cat, Mr. Tinkles, his heir. He was called a heretic for marrying his cat, and has been henceforth barred from all church picnics. Elect Gerhardt, 1077: Cats for a Change.


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    A genius who became the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by a total surprise thanks to his charming diplomatic skills. The duchy of Upper Burgundy prospered greatly from his emperorship. Kingdom of Burgundy was founded and imperial laws were changed so that hefty tax from the nobility of the HRE could be divereted to build great castles and cities to Burgundy. Sadly fertility isn't one of the virtues of the unearthily skilled emperor - his only son is an imbecile who'll probably ruin majority of what his father achieved unless he has an accident and dies.
    I'm rock. Scissors are fine, but the paper needs some nerf.

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    Emperor Niphon of Byzantium
    Became a pagan at the age of one
    revoked titles of his subjects
    religiously, they didn't object
    He coveted all his vassals wealth
    robbed from the rich and gave to himself
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    Of nimble mind and deft tongue unlike his brutish rivals, he often found the sharpest blade was a kind word, a beautiful daughter the perfect spy, and a fistful of gold the most loyal soldier.
    Type: Artisan
    Nationality: Yankee
    Religion: Protestant
    Ideology: Socialist
    Issues: Interventionism, Pacifism
    Cash Reserves: 0.01
    Needs Met: Life Needs 100%, Everyday Needs 40%, Luxury Needs 0%

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    The Basilic
    Barking orders and charging ahead in a man's armor and cloth, sword raised high above her, was the searing image last engraved in the minds and hearts of the soldiers of the Tyrant Queen of Hungary.
    All gifts are edged....

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