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Thread: Win a copy of the Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer DLC!

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    His family regarded him as a stranger, though he had but cut his hair. None would acknowledge their blood ties or that their common surname and coat of arms. What matter of sorcery is this?

    (Hint hint!)

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    He who was the descendant of mere counts was now King of all Kings, Master of all Masters.
    Greatness, thy name is Fernando of the Trastámaras, who won their power shedding their enemies' blood.

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    King Duncan ruled Scotland for over 45 years. Being the third of seven sons, little did he dream that would inherit the kingdom. A crusade, two civil wars, three wives, and ten children later, he would be known as King Duncan the Just.

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    My ultimate ruler is midas touched, genius, attractive, chaste, temperate, charitable, diligent, kind, patient, humble, honest, brave, content, just, trusting and (of course) crusader.

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    King Othon the Great. His dynasty was formed by merely the counts of Guiness. When Aquitane and the other great Dukedoms declared a war for an elective French monarchy he waited for the perfect time, raised his levies with mercenaries and decleared a war to depose the king of France and force his way as the first King of many De Guinesse's in a French elective monarchy. He died very old, rich, and famous for he gave birth to the greatest Dynasty with one bold move out of some nobodies from Guiness.

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    My character would be a son of Louis the Pious, he would never let his fathers empire(the Frankish empire) break apart, because of this the Frankish empire would never split in germany and france

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    King Succellus.

    The sky was not enough to describe his power.
    The stars do not shine as much as his crown.
    His sword was so fair as lightning.
    His name sounds like a mighty thunder.

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    Duke Guiscard was a brave lunatic dwarf who killed five popes, eight wives, two sons and three-thousand African soldiers before becoming a saint. Deus vult!

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    Heinrich VII,
    Holy Roman Emperor,
    Lord of Tuscany of the di Canossas,
    Lord of Saxony of the Billungs,
    great schemer, poor soldier,
    Defender of the Empire,
    Hammer to the English and the Danes.

    (197 character total)
    Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Noble King, He who fought for the Holy Lands when no other dared.

    He who valiantly fought against the heathens, knowing his chances of victory were slim.

    He who died as it's savior.

    Deus vult.

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    He was a great man. Tall, handsome, and wise. He knew that in times of war you have to stick by your convictions. His strongest being that Welsh women are the most beautiful in the world.

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    In the heart of Europe born,
    to rule a country fully torn,
    to defeat all his foes he swore,
    the might and glory to restore.

    Just my two cents
    „Ich spreche Spanisch zu Gott, Italienisch zu den Frauen, Französisch zu den Männern und Deutsch zu meinem Pferd.“

    Karl der V.

    "In this game, it’s always best to have an excuse if you want to go to war with someone. It’s as if the world is an easily distracted PE Teacher, happy to wave away any concerns if you have some sort of note but wrathful if you have no good reason for skipping swimming/invading Poland this week."

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    There once was a ruler of fame
    That wasn't the one to blame
    For getting a wife
    That was so full of strife
    That his kingdom went up in a flame

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    A tale once told of a King of Old.

    A Norman Boy of Sicily with Eyes of Opal
    He united a realm from Spain to Constantinople.
    With Fire and Blood his tale they sing
    Adam the Unready the Crusader King!

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    All Hail Trajan the Just
    Emperor of Italy by war and lust
    No man could stop his might:
    both popes and moors failed alike
    He took care of every foe and plot
    Except patch 1.05, only enemy he forgot
    "After Napoleon, both lieutenant and Emperor, all destinies are within this century" - Dom Camurro
    "New Nations Mod" for Victoria 2
    (version 1.00 (30/10))

    50 new nations for your Vicky2 game!

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    Ascending to power at the age of two, she pointed her stubby finger up at her father’s incompetent spymaster and said, "Buh bye." The new Duchess of Ulster was growing up quickly; none dared disobey.

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    Cruel and sage, zealous and pious, rule all the kingdom of Spain, dominator of mors and defensor of christians.

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    Duke Ernst killed 13 wifes, fell in love with his last one and still had to see her die of illness, he married daughters of his to his grandson and great-grandson and lived over four sons.

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    The Duke’s stewardship was high; really freaking super high. His piles of gold had earned him this situation. Before him stood the army of his ex-king. Even though most of his vassal’s were more capable, he would be leading the center today.

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    A man whose name is echoed thorughout the ages, untouched by sin, by fear, by selfish desire. He lived only to protect his people and serve God. Noble in rule and courgaeous in battle, the devil himself could not stop this man in his mission.

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