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Thread: Greater Romania! - Modern Days 2 AAR

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    Greater Romania! - Modern Days 2 AAR

    Here is the first part. Greater Romania it's reunified, We left the European Union and we formed the "Hexagon" (Bucharest-Ankara-Tripoli-Oslo-Minsk).

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    Looks good so far. I'd suggest bringing Ukraine into your military alliance to prevent Belarus from being overrun by the ruskies. I do like the format of this though.

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    New allies and Ukrainean Civil War..
    (Belarus and Lybia left the Hexagon)
    Part 2:

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    The fall of Belarus, NewRussia, Sweden, Albania, Austria and the rise of Nazi Germany!

    Part 3:

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    The fall of Nepal, Bangladesh, Cyprus and Croatia.
    War with Morroco...and preaparation for World War 3.

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