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Thread: Rescue or Ransom a Prisoner problems

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    Rescue or Ransom a Prisoner problems

    My brother-in-law Emir Dhashwal has gone and got himself captured by the Rhodoks, so daddy wants me to go and save him. Fair enough. But I'm running into two problems:

    Firstly, how can I tell if the nearby village has actually lit a fire and drawn away some of the guards?

    Secondly, when I go and break the Emir out of jail and go back outside to the keep the blighter starts attacking me (as well as attacking and being attaked by the guards - he's hostile to everyone). It's a bit hard to draw fire and take the guards out when the prisoner I'm rescuing is hitting me in the back. If he goes down, it's shown in blue in the message log yet stops mission success.

    I'm wealthy enough to ransom him if need be to avoid quest failure, and obviously I've got exit without saving enabled. But I'd much rather succeed at the daring rescue without the ungrateful sod attacking me.

    Other background info: We're both loyal vassals of the Sultan, we have a relation of +1, and I've started accruing right to rule via emmisaries. When I rescued a prisoner in a previous game I still had the first problem, but not the second. Not sure if any of that is relevant.
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    You can't ransom him, that feature was never implemented.

    The fire in the village, there will be significantly less guards present. But otherwise I don't think there is a proper way to know if its lit or not.

    The rescued turning hostile is an old bug. Can't remember the exact details of the workaround, but it's something like save before doing the mission, if he turns hostile quit the game without saving. Relaod, he should be ok on the following attempt.
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    Hm. He's been hostile every attempt so far. It's a pain, because if I tell him to stay well back the Rhodok sharpshooters take him out, but if I tell him to come up with me he keeps turning his back on the Rhodok spearmen to attack me.
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