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Thread: 3 things after watching the 23minute alphafootage

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    3 things after watching the 23minute alphafootage

    The game looks really really good and I can't await it anymore, but:

    - arrows and shields refilling on your body? Please don't. The game looks like it will be in contrast to mount and blade much more realistic so I beg you don't put such a crap in. Give archers maybe 20 arrows and when they shot all of them they have to go to certain places on the map - maybe some boxes with ammo and shields etc - and let them refill their stuff there.

    - I don't know if there was also regaining hp while not getting hit, if so, please not.

    - why always execution? Please make it a certain % chance that people need to be executed. One shouldn't always have the chance to get resurrected by a teammate. A sword or an arrow can kill you, even if someone doesn't stab you afterwards again


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    I agree it was more common to capture nobles that execute. There are a few battles on the mainland however where foot soldiers and archers took a heavy toll by pinning knights and stabbing through gaps in their armour. Primarily because they were badly out numbered.
    The refilling I also agree on. Pretty unrealistic. I imagine it was just to keep people in the action. But it would be better to be able to pilfer lost gear from dead bodies or pick up shields again.

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    Agree on the refilling.

    About the execution/reviving:
    generally I like it because it binds the players together. I love squad-based teamplay. Whenever I play Warband with a friend (mostly siege) and one of us gets killed, it's just a downer... We made it until here and now the fellowship of the ring is broken ^^

    But I agree, under certain circumstances reviving shouldn't be possible/execution should be necessary. I'm not sure which game it was, maybe Battlefield3... when you're got shot in the head or die by an explosion there's no way to revive you.
    For WotR: if you're getting killed by a heavy streak to the head or a couched lance or whatever you should just be dead.

    I agree it was more common to capture nobles that execute.
    Yes, but I don't believe taking prisoners will be an option in the game so killing will be the way to go.

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