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Thread: Game over before it even began...

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    Game over before it even began...


    started a new game tonight as Count de Bethune of Artosis. Spent a few hours setting myself up building up my county and waiting on a fabricated claim to start expanding. Suddenly my duke starts an independence war, my count decides to go heretic (no option for me to stop it) and then King of England William the damn bastard decides to claim my county.

    Right like my 100 men can stop his 5000... so needless to say I was very upset I had spent all that time getting my game set up just to get SHAFTED that bad.

    On the bright side that is the first time I have actually ran into an impossible situation in game, ussually if I get beat I always walk away thinking well I could have done this, or next time I'll do that. This was more like well I hope that never happens again because there is NO possible way to avoid game over.

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    You should have tried harder.

    J/k wow you got hit hard with the game over stick

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    I lament with you, brother.

    It has happened to me as a lowly french count, but after independence, the moors came in and had their way with my land, women and goats.

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    Can't win them all...

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    I know that feel, bro.

    I recently tried to unite my tribal brothers in glorious arms against the Danish empire and eventually the HRE, only to get crushed by endless crusades. A black day, indeed.

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    Had three games on the run now where my usual starting tactic since 1.05c is to make a custom count, unmarried, and childless, has failed miserable within a couple of years. Game 1: 2 months in, count died in battle after liege raised my levies and stuck me in charge of them, hadn't even got my wife pregnant, game over. Game 2: as 1, but died in siege. Game 3: after 3 years, sitting pretty with a son and a newly born daughter, nice and peaceful; suddenly count dies, son takes over, then daughter dies, leaving me with a 2 year old count to survive 14 years at least until I can get another heir; month later he dies too, county had consumption epidemic, wiped out everybody, game over...
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