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Thread: The House of David - The Ethiopian Kings of Scotland

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    The House of David - The Ethiopian Kings of Scotland

    History is beautiful. Full of its quirks and changes, where a bad role of the genetic dice can change the make-up of an entire continent. Even the most stable nation would be inherently unstable. Even with the most loyal of dukes and counts, the heir to the throne could catch a cold or have bad luck on a hunt... And the entire nation would be plunged into chaos. In a world like that, funny little things could happen.

    Now, from the WritAAR of "Time of Conquest" comes the story of one of those funny little things. A tale of religious turmoil, cultural warfare, and historical anomalies. Of a war fought at courts and in castle, not merely to control the fate of a nation, but to control her very identity.

    This is a story of love and hatred, sex and death, of faith and loyalty.

    This is the story of House David.

    The Ethiopian Kings of Scotland.

    [Hi there! Just throwing up this preview now to make sure I actually do it sometime in this lifetime.

    While it may seem like I'm just taking advantage of the fact that there's now a character creator, that's not ENTIRELY the case. While I am to start the game, "House David" did happen in one of my play-throughs as House Dunkeld. I married an Abyssinian princess (because she was the only one I wouldn't lose too much prestige marrying and there wasn't even a countess on my possible marriage list) who gave me two kids. She also had crazy high learning, intrigue, and martial. The older son lived only long enough to pop out a boy named David who I had her tutor. I started doing my last AAR, "Time of Conquest." After "Time of Conquest" was abruptly cut off. But still while I was writing Time of Conquest, the character of David kept popping back in my mind. I used him in some text-based RPs and a pen and paper game, and eventually I decided I really, really wanted to tell his story.

    Sadly, I don't seem to be able to modify two people in one game, so this won't feature his arch-rival from the first play-through, Flora, Duchess of Moray, wife of the Duke of York.

    Nevertheless, I expect this to be awfully fun. ]

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    I can't wait to read it!

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    Nice AAR. Looking forward to it.

    ((After all, it'll be nice to see Africans ruling a European nation.))
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    I quite enjoyed your old AAR, so I'll definitely be reading this.
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    Would like to see this i have a egyptian ruler design game for moray going

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    Quote Originally Posted by kooldaddy View Post
    Would like to see this i have a egyptian ruler design game for moray going
    You should mod it and add moray as an independent kingdom, as it was back then

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    An Ethiopian king of Scotland? Nice touch. Subscribed.
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    I also love this idea, I enjoy Ethiopians, and be fun seeing you play them as the rulers of Scotland...so I will most definitely stay tuned in

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    Doing two AARs at once, starting at the same time? Am I mad?

    Thoroughly, but I'm also doing them both in different ways.

    The Ethiopian Kings of Scotland is going to be a serious AAR. I am also really, really bad at formal poetry (so bad) so this one is going to be written in Iambic Pentameter. Possibly even in sonnets. 'Cause I like rhymes.

    I said I'm bad at it. I didn't say I didn't want to get better. My plan is to work on updates during the week, update the other one on Fridays, and update this 'as it comes.'

    And so, my friends, I ask that you prepare
    For on the morrow, this new tale begins
    Of love and death (but then, what else is new?)
    And of King David: Ethiopian.

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    Verse One
    The Crowning of King David

    It was the year ten and ninety and six.
    That in Scotland King David took the crown
    But more than feasting weighed upon his mind
    And more than metal weighed upon his brow
    Though with his lords he feasted, as he should
    But though he drank, he was not without care
    He had no kin to carry on his name
    And though a wife, King David had no heir
    He had few friends in Scotland, as it stood
    His face marked him a man abroad
    An Ethiopian in Scotland, and
    Monophysite, by the one-natured God!
    Although David spread wealth across the lands
    His vassals still would not be satisfied
    The Count of Fife would not stand David’s reign
    “Enough! That’s it! To war!” The cruel count cried
    Count Dub would not submit to David’s rule
    And wished to make his county stand alone,
    Without a liege, in independent fife
    A wish that David could not condone
    So Scot fought Scot within the fields of Perth
    And Scottish blood was spilled on Scottish field
    King David wept to see this horrid fight
    The battle raged, his foe, though, would not yield
    But as the war to free Fife’s men raged
    And as each Scotsman, to his own kin fell
    More sad news reached King David’s ear
    The Earl of Strathearn sought freedom as well!
    And Buchan, too, before the year was up
    King David raged to hear these wars declared
    He knew what he must do to keep his throne
    Surrender parts, so others would be spared
    He met with Buchan, Fife, and gave to them
    The freedom that they had fought to achieve
    But Strathearn he would make example of
    Ensure his other vassals would not leave
    So David’s men besieged the Castle walls
    Where Strathearn hoped he would wait out the siege
    But fate was not on Strathearn’s side that day
    And soon the Earl surrendered to his liege
    But thoug the earl was dragged to David’s cells
    The King found little cause for for feasting then
    Two counties gone, two years after accession,
    “Would more follow?” he asked not ‘if’ but ‘when?’
    Marshal Dolfin, the Duke of Lothian
    Who joined the war, and fought at David’s side
    “When that time comes, my King, they too will fall
    As Strathearn’s was, their reigns will be cut short
    And Fife and Buchan will return as well
    All Scotland reunited, at your court”
    The King was heartened hearing Dolfin’s words
    For Dolfin had once seemed want to make a play
    For Scotlands crown and throne, the king recalled
    Harsh eyes on David on his crowning day
    He thought a while, and turned to Dolfin
    “A king without a child is impaired
    So ‘til my wife gets pregnant with my child
    I ask you, join my faith, and be my heir”
    Dolphin kneeled, and without second thought
    “My liege, I’m honored, and I’ll proudly say
    I’ve joined your faith, a Monophysite now
    The Trinity seemed fishy anyway.”

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    Well how about that we have a poet!!! Great job man, actually like the feel of reading it in verse form its entertaining and flows nicely. Will be looking forward to more!!!

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