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Thread: Screenshot / Video Thread

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    Screenshot / Video Thread

    Post your Videos and Epic Screenshots here; if you want to show off for any purpose ;-)

    Title: Baltic Patrol: Naval War
    Game type: Multiplayer
    Music: "Midway" by Sabaton
    Commander of Scandinavian Forces: Captain Jonathan R L
    Commander of Russian Forces: Commondore "Julhelm"


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    Naval War: Arctic Circle

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    Awesome! Great music.

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    Hearts of Iron IIINaval War: Arctic Circle

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    Watch this space for a screenshot of my A400M's launching their Storm Shadow cruise missiles at the Russian fleet and a UXV combatant with its Taranis UCAV's overhead!
    "The best thing about the British is our ability to laugh at ourselves. By ourselves, I mean other people and by laugh, I mean invade."

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