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Thread: Beta invite not received

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    Quote Originally Posted by BjornB View Post
    Update: Invites are still being sent out! Keep an eye on your inbox (and spam folder)

    what if you didn't get the first part ><. I sent the email in for getting the key via dreamlords but it would be nice to not have to wait a few days :P

    edit: also thanks for the status update ^.^

    btw bjorn, any chance u can fast-track ticket #10514? I srsly wanna get testing ^.^
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    Thanks for keeping us updated Bjorn.
    The wait is killing me..

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    accepted in the beta but still not received the second mail with the key.

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    Waiting... But isn't the system automatic? Even pirats back in the time were able to flood a mail list in all directions in a matter of minutes...

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    Ha ha Vyllis,
    From what i understand, it seems we are coming in waves...

    If i am correct, some of us are going to be waiting till the end of the week...
    Rather bummed to be honest, but hey Patience is a virtue... Just gotta hold on, sure itll be worth it!

    Atleast we get to read everyones frustrations about getting lost, making sure we dont fall in the same boat as them.

    Read posts while waiting and youtube drunk idiots, ftw!!!

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    Yay, same here, but I dont lose hope!

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    Hi all, also waiting for the key, btw join the irc channel for some company =)

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    I'm still waiting for the key and I'm worried.
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    Same for me. Got the first mail, but the second one with code is still missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BjornB View Post
    Update: Invites are still being sent out! Keep an eye on your inbox (and spam folder)

    Still sending mails out, or was that it for today?


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    Has anyone in this thread actually received an invite yet?

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    Hi is it possible to say at what time of the day do you send out the mails? So that people don't have to keep refreshing their e-mail all the time and will be easier for every players to look at their e-mail.

    Like 20 mail per hours/
    500 mail per day at 14:00/
    1 mail every 2 minutes/

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    still waiting...

    level up!! assign a point -> patience+1

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    Those of you who are registered on HnH, if you go to the Salem announcement topic.
    You will see a post saying, they are sending keys out day by day, to not over spawn the noob area.

    So if anyone has got an email today, id say its about done for the day.
    Heres a copy paste of the post.

    Re: Game Development: Salem & Haven

    by martenx Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:26 am

    Robertzon wrote:Loftar said that they are going to give invites out day by day, so everyone wouldn't log in at the same time.

    So if anyone got an invite today, please share some light, so we know weither we are waiting and praying for nothing, and can start again tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Ahhh so once a day

    Hope that moderator can come and tell at what time (and GMT, like GMT+5 or GMT+0) does the mail sent so that everyone just have to check once per day and don't have to complain about waiting the whole day long like me

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    Yea also wouldnt mind, if they could let us know if the keys have already been sent out today, so atleast i know i can stop being pathetic and waiting here by the PC all day.

    Moderators, a hint or two please ?

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    Same for me. I got a day off today and instead of going out shopping or movies, I have been sitting stupidly for an unknown mail for the whole day already

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    Love my Iphone 4 , just wait for the ding and check my mail. That way I don't have to sit at my computer refreshing my email every 10 minutes.

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    There will be more keys today
    You can always check out my reborn twitter attempt: @BjornB_pdx - it kind of sucks though. But sometimes there is interesting/useful info there

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    Thank you Bjorn! So theres still hope.

    Going out for a beer now, care to join ? Im buying.

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