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Thread: Beta invite not received

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    Beta invite not received

    No mail, no key.

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    I didn't receive this e-mail although I got accepted into the beta Do I need to do something first or have to wait till e-mail arrive?

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    First emails started coming out ~3 hours ago. No email for me atm. Quite fun to listen to my friends play XD


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    Any idea on the eta for all invites to be sent? Or anything along those lines?

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    Beta invite not received

    I know there's a couple of us in this situation. How long until the invites are expected to be finished sending? I know that someone who signed up 2 days ago has gotten their invite and I've been accepted since the 17th.

    Anyway: Form up with anyone who's missing the invite as of yet.

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    Aye - Same here

    Hopefully its just a matter of a lot of emails to send out. I want to don silly hats and move rocks dammit!

    edit: I joined here in 2004? Dear lord - Why havent I succesfully registered a single one of the 7 paradox games I have then?

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    In the same boat, got a few friends who didn't get invites either

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    Quote Originally Posted by BjornB View Post
    The mails are many and it may take a while before all are sent out. The mail at the top is the right one, its legit. I do advice that if you fill out your paradoxplaza info on the site and still have problems getting into the game you may want to change the forum password asap just to be sure.
    So... brace ur self. Lets hope it will be soon.

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    No invite here either. Got accepted on the 17th.

    For having recruited three fellow charter colonists for the advancement of, and future settlement in, The King's colonies in the New World, you are yourself hereby granted privileged passage to the New World upon company ships set to depart for New-England-o'er-the-Seas in this late April, barring accidents of weather, navigation and pirates. Further instructions will be provided to you per e-mail as the date of departure approaches.

    In short: Congratulations, you are in the Salem Beta.
    The bolded part says im in the Salem Beta.....

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    Still training my waiting skill...

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    +1 me too
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    Also got the first email but not the key and instructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by IOpexI View Post
    Still training my waiting skill...

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    Just want to point out that some(maybe all?) denied alpha testers which got automatic beta access didn't get email with download instructions too.
    this might be it, i havent received a second mail either

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    Just waiting myself. I hope to get it to download and install before I get home so I can download it during my run.

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    I haven't received anything related to an invite and I got 3 people to sign up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naowut View Post
    Also got the first email but not the key and instructions
    me too...accepted in the beta but still not received the second mail with the key.

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    Please be patient for now and also make sure your key is not in the spam folder.
    You can always check out my reborn twitter attempt: @BjornB_pdx - it kind of sucks though. But sometimes there is interesting/useful info there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaffirus View Post
    me too...accepted in the beta but still not received the second mail with the key.
    ^ This.
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    Wow, very suprised we are all going to get to play so soon, was expecting about another month wait, Thanks in advance!

    Now to stare at my Email..... for a couple of hours!!!!! Woot.

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