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Thread: Soviet Union, 1933

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    Hi everyone, I will make a new AAR to see the situation of AI in the final 1.02 patch. Old AARs are left when AI killed all the fun. I will be playing with Soviet Union. I made many small changes to increase challenge and realism. I also added NWO2 mod in case I continue beyond WW2. Difficulty is modified normal with;

    20 percent penalty to resources, 15 percent penalty to manpower and organisation and 10 percent penalty to combat.

    Gameplay will be historical as much as possible to get maximum performance out of AI. Aim is to defeat Germany, to establish Soviet sphere of influence in Europe and Asia and then to play into Cold War and finally Hot War

    Ok Let's go forward comrades.
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    I will watch this.

    BTW: You are a german?

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    Quote Originally Posted by makif130289 View Post
    Hi everyone, I will make a new AAR to see the situation of AI in the final 1.02 patch. Old AARs are left when AI killed all the fun. I will be playing with Soviet Union. I made many small changes to increase challenge and realism. I also added NWO2 mod in case I continue beyond WW2. Difficulty is modified normal with;

    20 percent penalty to resources, 15 percent penalty to manpower and organisation and 10 percent penalty to combat.

    Gameplay will be historical as much as possible to get maximum performance out of AI. Aim is to defeat Germany, to establish Soviet sphere of influence in Europe and Asia and then to play into Cold War and finally Hot War

    Ok Let's go forward comrades.

    Good luck. For the Motherland!
    Earth Needs You!
    OPERATION BLUE DANUBE, (It's still a thing)

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    Soviet Union in 1933 :

    After the death of comrade Lenin, comrade Stalin took his legacy and started an ambitious program of industrialization and collectivization to build socialism in one country and to protect the motherland against capitalist warmongers. Comrade Stalin like comrade Lenin, believed the inevitability of war with capitalist world. On the political side, Comrade Stalin eliminated saboteurs clique led by Trotsky. This group tried to undermine success of revolution in one country and preached against industrialization and collectivization policies. Trotsky and his chief aides have been eliminated but still a lot of rightists and social fascists are hiding in the ranks of the party to weaken the revolution.

    Comrade Stalin with Comrade Lenin in Gorki, 1922 :

    Wall Street Crash of 1929 devastated entire capitalist system and strengthened the marxist prophecy that capitalist system is doomed to collapse eventually due to its internal contradictions. While the economic crisis was impoverishing the working class more and more, this increased the support of Marxist ideology among the working class of capitalist nations as a whole. While unemployment went over 20 percent in the developed Western nations, Soviet Union maintained its production capacity due to its superior central planing. In fact, Soviet Union continued to industrialize even during early 1930s under the guidance of Comrade Stalin.

    Wall Street Crash of 1929 :

    Strong Marxist movements developed in France, Spain and Germany. However, Communist parties in these countries were marginalized in the face of strong Social democrat parties. Far-rightists in Germany came to power in November 1932 with the support of big industrialists and launched aggressive campaign to eradicate Marxism from Germany. In Spain, together with Bolshevism, anarchist movements also gained a base. In France, Social democrats rose to power but excluded Communists. Rightist movements are also on the rise against anti-clerical and unionist policies of Social Democrats.

    Soviet Cabinet in 1933 :

    Red Army was greatly enlarged in numbers since the end of civil war. However, divisions remained severely understrength and material of the army was mostly obsolote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiserMuffin View Post

    Good luck. For the Motherland!
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by warhell View Post
    I will watch this.

    BTW: You are a german?
    No, I am from Turkey, and this avatar is the coolest one among the four DH avatars available.

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    March, 1933

    Comintern decided to take firmer stances against the rise of fascist movements in Europe in its yearly congress.

    General elections were held in Germany on March 5. Kremlin hoped for the defeat of Nazis by Social Democrats, as most of the communists were already arrested after the Reichstag Fire. Nazis with the suppression of voters by the police force, won the elections but is not able to form a majority. Comrade Stalin is convinced that German bourgeoisie and wealthy Junkers decided to use Nazis to eliminate Communists in Germany.

    Hitler voting in Koenigsberg :

    In 1933, Soviet economy is still suffering from the turmoil created by the Whites, revisionists and capitalist saboteurs. White sympathizers reduce the efficiency of factories and spread individualist-selfish ideas in the working environment. Comrade Stalin wants industrialization to be speeded up as anti-communist movements in Europe are gaining strength. Soviet central planning bureau plans to build more than 60 factories within the scope of Second Five-Year Plan.

    In United States, President Roosevelt declared a program called as "New Deal" to combat effects of the Recession. Soviet analysts informed Kremlin that the program is competely non-socialist and only aim is to stimulate economic growth via aggressive fiscal policy.

    Two weeks after the general election, Nazi Party prohibited the flag of Weimar Republic. German government made both Nazi Part flag and old Imperial flag as official flags.

    News continue to reach Kremlin about President Roosevelt's efforts to put banking system in order.

    On 28 March, German government passed a law granting the cabiet to enact new laws without the participation of Reichstag. Kremlin was informed that centre-right parties supported Hitler passing the bill. This has confirmed Comrade Stalin's view that German bourgeoisie allied with fascism against communism. Social democrats voted against the bill.

    April, 1933

    Comrade Stalin promoted General Tukhachevsky as Marshal of Soviet Union. Comrade Stalin praised modern approach favoured by Tukhachevsky in the field of logistics and armoured warfare.

    Comrade Kaganovich signed a trade deal with Americans. Soviet Union will sell oil, coal and steel to United States. Kremlin wants to solve the foreign exchange shortage with this deal.

    May, 1933

    German Chancellor Adolf Hitler withdrew Germany from League of Nations in response to military restrictions of Versailles Treaty.

    July, 1933

    An envoy from Chinese communists arrived at Moscow. They informed Comrade Stalin about the details of ongoing war against Nationalists. Comrade Stalin promised material support to Comrade Mao.

    November, 1933

    After a week of negotiations between Commissar for Foreign Affairs Maxim Litvinov and US Foreign Minister Cordell Hull, United States decided to end unrecognition of Soviet Union. This political reconcilation is meant to improve trade relations between the two countries and to balance aggressive Japanese policies in Manchuria. Comrade Stalin doesn't trust Americans at all but perceives them as useful ally against Japanese.

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    epilogue means the end, prologue is the beginning

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatguts View Post
    epilogue means the end, prologue is the beginning
    My bad english, thanks for pointing it out.

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    What's the matter with German flag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warhell View Post
    What's the matter with German flag?
    It is forbidden to show German flag with swastika on this forum.

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    WHAT THE H.....?!!!


    You gotta be kidding me. :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by warhell View Post
    WHAT THE H.....?!!!


    You gotta be kidding me. :|
    I strongly recommend you to not comment about the subject. It is against the forum rules and may bring you few infraction points. It is as it is and we have to abide the rules.

    Also, please delete the link because it contains a swastika. I tell this because I faced similar problem with videos including swastika in it.

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    November, 1933

    German fascists disciplined the working class by abolishing all trade unions and introducing harsh measures for going into strikes. Now, working class completely under control of industrialists, Germany industrial machine is recovering.

    December, 1933

    Intelligence sources in Manchuria informed Kremlin that widespread anti-Japanese protests erupted in inner-Mongolia.

    January, 1934

    Soviet Union formally joined League of Nations on 2nd of January. Comrade Stalin previously opposed Soviet entry into the League arguing that the only function of the League is to protect insterests of Imperialist states. In 1927, Comrade Stalin commented on the subject;

    “The Soviet Union is not a member of the League of Nations and does not participate in its work, because the Soviet Union is not prepared to share the responsibility for the imperialist policy of the League of Nations, for the ‘mandates’ which are distributed by the League for the exploitation and oppression of the colonial countries, for the war preparations and military alliances which are covered and sanctified by the League, preparations which must inevitably lead to imperialist war. The Soviet Union does not participate in the work of the League because the Soviet Union is fighting with all its energy against all preparations for imperialist war. The Soviet Union is not prepared to become a part of that camouflage for imperialist machinations represented by the League of Nations. The League is the rendezvous of the imperialist leaders who settle their business there behind the scenes. The subjects about which the League speaks officially, are nothing but empty phrases intended to deceive the workers. The business carried on by the imperialist ring-leaders behind the scenes, that is the actual work of imperialism which the eloquent speakers of the League of Nations hypocritically cloak.”

    Now, the Party decided to change its policy in the face of new threats. Japan and Germany, both of them are fascist states with strong anti-communist ideologies withdrew from the League last year. German fascists openly declare that they embraced the task of eradicating Marxism from the Earth. Soviet Union should protect its borders and thus the revolution against these aggressor states. Tactical manoeuvres are justified on this ground. Comrade Stalin stated in the Party Congress that Soviet Union should exploit rivalry between Capitalist states to protect the legacy of Lenin. So, Soviet Union's friendly relations with France and some other Capitalist states should be understood on this context. Soviet Union aims to secure her borders by forging tactical alliances with countries less antagonistic towards her.

    February, 1934

    Fascists organized massive street riots in Paris on February 6 in order to bring down Leftist coalition led by Daladier. According to the intelligence, the police refused to supress fascist revolt and Prime Minister Daladier resigned from his post. A conservatist named Gaston Doumergue became new Prime Minister with the support of Fascists. Fascist movements are being used everywhere by Capitalists to stop rising power of Leninism. This fascist upsurge convinced Kremlin that anti-fascist movements across Europe should be supported even if they are not clearly communists.

    March, 1934

    On March 9, NKVD units arrested several prominent party members in Moscow following the evidence obtained showed that they are part of counter-revolutionary plot against Soviets. Arrested members included high profile names like Bukharin and Kamenev. They were taken to NKVD headquarters for interrogation. Comrade Stalin gave full authority to NKVD Chief Yezhov to get confessions from counter-revolutionaries.

    Gosplan (the State Planning Commission) announced the statistics of Soviet economy for 1934 :

    April, 1934

    Reconstruction of battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya ( October Revolution ) was completed at Leningrad port. Along with it, a destroyer was commissioned.

    July, 1934

    News has reached to Kremlin that German dictator Adolf Hitler liquidated opposition within his fascist party.

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    No. I will not delete the link.

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    August, 1934

    German President Hindeburg died on August 2. Hitler swiftly merged the post of Chancellor with Presidency and was declared as Leader and Chancellor (Führer und Reichskanzler)

    Funeral of Hindenburg :

    November, 1934

    Pro-German fascists tried to stage a coup in Austria. However, Italian Army was mobilized near Austrian border and announced that it would intervene if putschists doesn't back down. With Italian support, Nazi coup in Austria was thwarted. These developments however exposed the very aggressive nature of German fascists.

    Following successful Italian response to Nazi coup in Austria, Comrade Stalin sent Commissar for Foreign Affairs Maxim Litvinov to Rome to negotiate a non-aggression pact between two countries. Comrade Stalin believes that Soviet Union should form temporary alliances in order to contain aggressive German fascism. Although, Italy also being a fascist state with strong anti-communist sentiments, Italian ambitions are limited to the Mediterranean.

    January, 1935

    A referendum on territorial status was held in the Saar on 13 January 1935. Over 90 percent voted for reunion with Germany.

    February, 1935

    Gosplan announced the results of Five-Year Plan for 1935, Soviet Union increased base IC ( industrial capacity ) from 154 to 165. This 11 IC increase is the second in the world,German economy first with 12 IC increase American economy second with 10 IC increase. Also, dissent among Soviet citizens were reduced considerably.

    March, 1935

    Soviet Union continues the policy of organizing more aggressive anti-fascist organizations abroad. Funds to Communist Parties in Spain and France were increased. Especially in Spain, leftist tendencies is on the rise and Kremlin wants Communists to play a prominent role in the future of Spain.

    Kremlin increased the funding of covert NKVD operations abroad as part of anti-fascist struggle.

    April, 1935

    NKVD presented a document to Kremlin about the situation of German military. According to the intelligence, German military has 67 divisions fielded. It seems that Germany has begun rearmament but it is still a way behind of much larger French military.

    Comrade Stalin assigned General Shaposhnikov with a task of reforming Red Army. General Shaposhnikov is expected to plant communist ideology into the minds of Red Army soldiers. Kremlin wants an Army that will fight fanatically for the cause of Leninism and for the freedom of working class.

    August, 1935

    Germany officially announced the establishment of Wehrmacht. This development greatly increased Kremlin's suspicions about Germany's military ambitions. Kremlin is uneasy about everyday statements of German leaders about "Lebensraum in the East".

    Following the establishment of German Armed Forces, French government invited Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs Litvinov to Paris in order to negotiate a mutual assistance treaty. Comrade Stalin approved this tactical manouvre to threaten Germany with two-front war in the case of further aggressions. Litvinov and Laval finalized the treaty and both sides signed it in Paris.

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    September, 1935

    Grabin Design Bureau finished the design of new light tank model BT-5.

    Prototype of BT-5 tank :

    October, 1935

    Kremlin is expanding base of NKVD operations abroad continuously.

    November, 1935

    Kremlin is surprised to learn that Swedish government is conducting anti-Soviet campaign. A Swedish delegate submitted a report about forced labor camps in Soviet Union to League of Nations.

    December, 1935

    Arab population of Palestine revolted against their British oppressors in response to continuous Jewish immigration into Palestine. Kremlin decided to condemn Zionist agenda of Britain but refrained from supporting Arab rebellion which doesn't have Marxist background.

    Arab protestors on the streets :

    January, 1936

    Nazi Germany and Empire of Japan announced Anti-Comintern Pact to the world on January 2. Justification of the pact was explained as :

    "recognizing that the aim of the Communist International, known as the Comintern, is to disintegrate and subdue existing States by all the means at its command; convinced that the toleration of interference by the Communist International in the internal affairs of the nations not only endangers their internal peace and social well‑being, but is also a menace to the peace of the world desirous of co‑operating in the defense against Communist subversive activities"

    Kremlin was alarmed by the pact as two fascist powers are threatening Soviet Union from two fronts. Foreign Commissar Litvinov wants closer relations with France and even formal military alliance. However, Comrade Stalin believes that Capitalists of Allied Powers are secretly encouraging Fascists to attack Soviet Union. In a speech to university students in Moscow, Comrade Stalin stated that Soviet Union should be ready for war within next 10 years against Fascists.

    Ilyushin Design Bureau completed the design of new TB-6 heavy bomber. This heavy bomber has a range of 1000 km.

    February, 1936

    Fascist saboteurs and domestic colloborators are everywhere trying to destroy the achievements of the Revolution. In Perm, railway construction was blown up at several places.

    General Election was held in Spain on February 16. The election was won by Popular Front which is left-wing coalistion consisting of Communists, Social Democrats, Anarchicsts and Syndicalists. Fascists were beaten by a small margin with the left united against them. Kremlin too ordered Spanish communists to vote for Popular Front to prevent Fascists from rising power. After the elections, Socialists poured into streets to celebrate victory over Fascists. This led Kremlin believe that Communists could take power in Spain in the near future.

    An election poster of Popular Front :

    "Vatican Fascism offered you work and brought hunger; it offered you peace and brought five thousands tombs; it offered you order and raised a gallows. The Popular Front offers no more and no less than it will bring: Bread, Peace and Liberty!"

    Worrisome news reached to Kremlin in the morning of February 24. German Army entered the demilitarized zone of Rhineland thus violating both Locarno and Versailles Treaties. Kremlin immediately contacted to French government and stated that Red Army would support French Army if it decides to intervene. However, French refused the offer. Both Britain and France merely protested the unilateral action taken by Germany. In League of Nations session discussing the matter, only Foreign Affairs Commissar Litvinov voted in favour of sanctions against Germany. Attitudes of Western Powers prove that Soviet Union must be prepared to fight against Fascism alone.

    German Army entering the Rhineland :

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    February, 1936

    On February 26, Young Japenese officiers attempted a coup. Coup attemt was quickly thwarted and most of the participants were executed.

    Gosplan revealed the statistics of Five-Year Plan for 1936. In the last year, Soviet base IC increased from 165 to 176 base IC, 11 IC increase from the last year.

    March, 1936

    In China, Communists and Nationalist made peace after a Chinese General kidnapped Chang-Kai Shek and forced him to make peace with Communists to resist against Japanese in Manchuria. Comrade Stalin welcomed the decision and advised Mao to accept ceasefire. Kremlin is wary of Japanese aggression in Manchuria and wants stronger China to divert Japanese attention from Soviet Union.

    April, 1936

    NKVD operations abroad is expanding :

    NKVD agents within the Royal Navy sent important documents about British Navy to Moscow.

    Fascist Italy declared war on Abyssnia on April 16. Kremlin immediately condemned imperialist-colonialist war being waged by Fascist Italy. League of Nations also condemned the aggression and imposed economic sanctions on Italy.

    June, 1936

    Having made peace with Communists, Chiang-Kai Shek turned Southern warlord faction of Guangxi. Kuomintang forces quickly defeated Guangxi forces and forced them to cede most of their eastern territory to Republic of China.

    British colonialists and puppet King of Egypt signed an alliance treaty following Italian invasion of Ethiopia. According to the treaty, British troops will withdraw from Egypt and will train Egpytian Army. But in reality, nothing will change as British capitalists still exploit the resources of Egypt.

    General Elections were held in France. Popular Front defeated reactionary-fascist-conservatist alliance and socialist Leon Blum became new French prime minister. Communist Party of France supported Popular Front with Moscow's approval. Communist Party became the second largest party with 15 percent, only second to Blum's SFIO with 19 percent. Kremlin's policy of supporting leftist Popular Fronts seems to increase the influence of Communist movements in the related countries.

    Within two months, Italian Army managed to break Ethiopian defense lines and is rapidly advancing towards capital city of Addis Abeba.

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