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Thread: War of the Kiku

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    It's nice to see so much interest in this :3

    it's actually not Shogun 2 that inspired this thread but a book called Cloud of Sparrows By Takashi Matsuoka. It's very interesting.

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    If anything, some more eastern medieval influences would be cool in future expansions, DLCs or third-party mods.
    But GVD is completely right in focusing the scope on one thing for now.

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    BTW is this game moddable? I originally bought M&B and later WB for the mods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Searry View Post
    BTW is this game moddable? I originally bought M&B and later WB for the mods.
    We are not sure yet - they said they are thinking about adding mod support but no definite answer has fallen upon us as of yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maukka View Post
    What does a game set in Japan have to do with China? Do note that just because they are both in Asia doesn't mean that the cultures or fighting styles are similiar.
    "Asia" as a continental term includes far more than just China and Japan, I know that and would happily list the various cultures encompassed within, I said China/Japan due to them seeming to show a similar height into gaming at relatively the same pace ... sorry if by Saying "China/japenese" I accidentally insinuated they were the same ... I know they clearly arn't ... but I think not enough market attention falls in Europe and historical events in Europe that get missed by a long shot, as I said earlier I'm yet to see a game looking at the Habsburg-Valois wars, the wars the ultimately decided the outcome of the HRE, Spain, Italy, Burgundy, Poland, Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Austria, The Papal States ... so many variety of countries that took part in fighting ... but seems to be ignored within gaming atm.

    Its a really nice chunk of European history much like the WotR ... just would be nice to see it in a game somewhere.

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    PErsonally I own all of the DLC for shogun2 and only really played the campaigns until I had collected all the units and the campaign outcome was obvious. I simply cannot be drawn for some reason to like
    Shogun2's time period. I think personally it had something to do with the very clone like troops. Not much variety at all. All sides access to pretty much the same units. No real flavour. The game is very well done but the troop types and tech very bland.
    On the other hand Napoleon total war and medieval2, rome total war and empire I finished campaigns on.

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    Ohh a game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.. One serious and with lots of warriors, that would have been really good.

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    The three kingdoms seems very good too : )
    The mongol expansions could also work very well i think.

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