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Thread: Ruler Designer Problem - Empty Council

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    Angry Ruler Designer Problem - Empty Council

    Apologies if this has already been posted...

    The Leader DLC, which cost me £4, is irritating me. I start with an empty council and a number of disgruntled subjects at -20 relation for being fired from a council I haven't set up yet.

    Is there a fix or workaround for this?

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    And if you change your religion you have to invite holy man to your court so that you can even appoint a court chaplain. Besides that if you select William of Normandy, Harold of England or Harald of Norway your army is reduced to half, so your custom character can't win the war. And because you can't keep your original dynasty you start with no allies and with many enemies, for example Rurikovich princes attacked against my custom made Russian prince on day 1.

    Playing as your own character would be much nicer if you could keep council, armies and dynasty of the original ruler.
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    How long does the fired from council "debuff" actually last?

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    I've played around a bit with the Ruler Designer, but I haven't found any combination of stats that really outweigh the harsh disadvantages of not playing as one of the default rulers.

    Most kingdoms have relatives of the original ruler as Dukes and whatnot, and they all have claims on your titles! Every "custom" game I've started has began with a huge civil war and tons of revocations. It would actually be easier if whenever you chose a custom ruler, you had nobody in your court and had to recruit from scratch.

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    It works pretty good for independent counts it can get rather strange if you do a custom character for a king however.
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    I've had success with starting as the (custom) Duke of Munster (I think - the one at the bottom of Ireland), restoring the Eóganachta . Mind you, there aren't really any possible challengers unless I give one of the old dynasty land...

    I'm now into my third generation, and Kings of all Ireland, but not without minor issues - strangely enough from random incipient counts elsewhere in Ireland.
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    I usually use the Ruler Designer to create either a count or a small duke, I personally don't like to start out my custom character as a King.
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