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Thread: Kingfisher module

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    Kingfisher module

    Okay so I've got a dreadnought design with a Kingfisher module. I've designed and built a Patrol BR, and both DN and BRs show up in th ebattle rider manager. However I can't actually load the BRs. I can drag the BR names around, and there's two slots that show up on the DN, but if I try to drag and drop a BR to the slot, nothing happens. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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    Kingfisher is for scout class BR's

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    And that was the problem. Thanks!

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    Does it colour code the slot to make it clear it's for a scout? Because that would be really handy if it did. No sense it making it harder to figure out than it needs to be... :P

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    I certainly think it color codes the slot, yes.

    ...though I've never gotten a kingfisher module to actually launch the scout BRs I've mounted there...

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    It does color code the slot, yep. I didn't realize what was going on at the time because I couldn't actually build scout BRs, so I'd assumed that "scout" referred to generic BRs, not a specific type. Since then, I've built them and use them. They're kind of handy. They scoot out to the side and a little ahead of the fleet, expanding your sensor view.

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    Little known trick:
    You know in the fleet manager how there are 9 squads? You can break those off in the battle manger and place them in different locations around the system.

    Having a Scout carrier or two in its own squad is immensely useful When you don't know where the enemy is coming from.

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