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Thread: How to marry off heirs?

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    How to marry off heirs?

    I'm trying to figure out how to marry off heirs. Every single woman I look at has a greyed out "offer to marry" button, with the "is not a member of a court" and "cannot be arranged" checkboxes Xed out. Getting worried that my heir will be too old to marry. I'm clearly missing something, but it's neither covered by the pop-ups nor the manual.

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    Usually there's always some candidates you can find in the tab that lists all individuals. Just set the gender filter to the opposite and turn all other filters off. Even during low times you can usually find a handful of candidates, even though they tend to be worthless. If there's still no eligible candidate at all you just have to wait it out. There's a pretty steady influx of individuals in the game so usually it doesn't take that long. Also, try to arrange betrothals instead of waiting for your heirs coming to age. So instead of scurrying to find a candidate when your heirs come into adulthood, keep an eye out for candidates from the day they're born. Sometimes good stats are trumped by diplomatic benefits.
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    You can only marry someone that has a living father for you to ask. The game set up starts with a lot of single women with no fathers defined for them, so its very difficult to track down the few that do have fathers in the game.

    Once you are looking for brides among those born while the game was running it becomes a lot easier to find them.

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