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Thread: Diablo3 banner editor

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    Diablo3 banner editor

    Copy it.

    Got in for an hour yesterday, this was my first thought when making a new character

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    For those who want to see what the hell reapy is talking about.

    GvD said they will be adding a heraldry editor in the game. Without seeing their take on it how will we know if it is any better or worse than Diablo 3's.

    Personally I think they should steal Crusader Kings II's editor, (and add a wider selection of icons in it.)

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    Ahh nice, I havent nose dived into ck2 yet. It's on the list though, probably the next sale I will pounce.

    I mean yeah the whole 'locked' part of the d3 banners part I disagree with the just the general 'guided editor' approach I like, so it doesn't get crazy, but you have enough combinations there won't be many copies.

    Also, can they fix their f'ing servers already

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    There's a little glimpse of the CKII Coat of Arms editor in this video;

    The game is awesome by the way, buy it!

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    The CKII one is much closer to my dream heraldic editor!

    I wish I could tinker with the fields alone for hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf1990 View Post
    The CKII one is much closer to my dream heraldic editor!

    I wish I could tinker with the fields alone for hours.
    You can make some pretty awsome looking banners with it ... had a crack on it before, project made a really nice one for his personal house, still need to attempt to make my own

    But i'd recommend one like CKII it is a very good banner editor ... very simplistic yet wide enough variety for personalisation.

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    Well now that TotalBiscuit has shown us the heraldry editor we can discuss this further. I personally think that the current options for heraldry editing are quite basic - but I imagine this is a low priority and will be worked on more when more critical things are done. I am also guessing that the additional pay for extras type thing will involve the ability to have a different heraldry option to those who do not pay for the extra - if this is not something that is planned I suggest that Paradox and FatShark think about it.
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