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Thread: Pauses and stutters....

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    Pauses and stutters....

    Hi there, first let mt just say I am impressed with NWAC and I am enjoying it immensely, I played the new Jutland 2030 scenario last night as the Brits and completed it without any of my ships being sank, I did lose 2 helicopters to those pesky sub launched SAM's though.

    The only thing is the longer I played the scenario the more stutters and pauses I got, I think I played for about 3 hours and as time went on they got worse... I have posted my PC system bellow....

    AMD Athlon II X3 455 CPU
    4gb Ram
    Nvidia GT220

    I will post the logs if need be...


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    Quote Originally Posted by highlandcharge View Post
    I will post the logs if need be...
    Yes, thank you.

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    Hi JanH, thanks for your quick reply, in what steam folder will I find the logs?

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    See this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by JanH View Post

    We would like you to attach the following logs to crash bug reports (and also to bugs that cause serious disruption):

    1. Output from dxdiag. Type dxdiag into the textbox in the Start Menu, press enter. When the app starts, select "save all information" to a dxdiag.txt file you attach to a bug posting in this (tech support and bugs) forum.

    2. In the folder <steam>\steamapps\common\naval war arctic circle\NWAC_Data you will find a file named "output_log.txt". This is the log from the frontend/gui. Again, I would like you to attach this file (Steam is most commonly installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ but this may vary if you chose custom install) to your board posting.

    3. Finally, in the folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Naval War Arctic Circle\Logs you will find the logs from the logic/backend part of the game. It stores the logs for each day in a separate file. There is one log called TTG_NAVALWAR_COMMS_LOG*date*.txt and one called TTG_NAVALWAR_LOG*date*.txt. Please attach both these files from the date when the error occurred. Note: If you don't find the COMMS log this is not a problem; just ignore it.

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