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Thread: Crusader Kings II - PATCH RELEASED (v1.05e) - Checksum: BDNP

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    Quote Originally Posted by trias10 View Post
    FIXED. I deleted my settings file and let the game generate a fresh one. Problem went away.

    I looked at the delta between the two files (old and fresh), and the only difference is the parsing system for disabled hints. Not sure why this would cause a rendering meltdown.

    Either way, for anyone who might be having issues with the new patch, I recommend generating a fresh settings file.
    I'm having this problem too. Could you explain exactly what 'generating a fresh settings file' entails? Sorry if that sounds obvious to some of you...

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    Can't find the DLC anywhere, not even in the In-game Store

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    Huh, events are no longer pausing the game in singleplayer.

    Looks like there was a tab for events added in the Message Settings menu, but there's no way to actually set preferences. It's just an empty tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg Pither View Post
    I'm having this problem too. Could you explain exactly what 'generating a fresh settings file' entails? Sorry if that sounds obvious to some of you...
    Depending on your version of Windows, look in either your "My Documents" or "Documents" folder, and then navigate to "Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II".

    Inside will be a file called "settings.txt". Delete that file and then start the game.

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    Awesome patch! But I think scrolling in character lists broke
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    Anybody else have a problem when you click the DLC bar, or 'ingame store' at the main menu? Nothing happens when I click ether of them.

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    read the changelog and I must say, am pleasantly surprised! can't wait to start up a fresh 1.05 game
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    in Patch multiplayer no longer works with the new choice date or save then host

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    Hey guys I was trying if the death causes worked, I assassinated a couple of people and all of them says The Person died of a suspicious accident when i go to the skull icon. I think i saw on a screenshot that it should show who assassinated my character right? I was caught as well.

    Disregard my post I realize that my assassin was just that good and never got caught whenever he murdered someone.

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    There has been changes in De Jure boundaries of some Kingdoms right? I managed to create the Kingdom of Italy with 16 counties while I couldn't last night. Great update !

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    Is it just me, or has the scrolling down the spouse list (when arranging a marriage) stopped working? It happened after applying the patch 1.05.

    EDIT: Scrolling down with the mouse scroll button.
    As others have said, I have this problem too. Not a huge problem but it'd be nice to see a fix.

    Great patch, Paradox! Unfortunately, my major playthrough will have to wait for a few days. From what I've seen so far, everything looks fantastic!

    EDIT: Just seen that Paradox have officially recognised the bug. Apologies for posting about the scroll problem again.

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    gone country

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    Is it just me or is it not save game compatible as all saves don't work kind of annoying as I had made it to 1300 on my current play through after hours of hours pumped into game.
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    thanks Paradox for the patch! My two favorite improvements are:
    AI: Will no longer raise forces in besieged counties -- YES!
    the Holy Order troop size now scales with the moral authority of the church - nice idea!

    Is it save-game compatible?
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    The Jimena Brothers and the annoying muslims

    You should take in consideration tha the countess of Zamora, a vassal and sister of the King of Leon revolts 100% of times just at the beginning calling all her brothers and family (king of galicia, king of navarre and king of castille) into the war right away, we would like to see a more historical claim-war between the 3 spanish jimena (MALE) brothers and prevent them to be so suscetible to quick and easy muslim invations of all the Iberian peninsula, we want to see a more interesting spanish and portuguese reconquista scenario in that area... Pleaaase.

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    Ditto much of the above. I'm downloading from GG. Thanks for the update! I'm stoked.

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    So many good changes this rounds the game so well
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    Why does my checksum keep changing every time I boot up the game?

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    I'm not sure I like the changes to the combat. It seems I'm pingponging way more then before. It was hardly there, but now I'm chasing armies back and forth all the time =(
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