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Thread: Submarine rate of fire (no tubes?)

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    Submarine rate of fire (no tubes?)

    I'm always amazed on how fast platforms can discharge ordnance in this game, but this is especially drastic with subs.
    My Astute fired 10 tomahawks and then later 8 torpedoes basically at once in the "on the rocks" scenario.
    Astute has 6 torpedo tubes, so that should be all it can launch at once. Then it has to reload and fire another six, and even today reloading takes a few minutes. Missiles are fired through the same tubes as torpedoes, in contrary to russian or US subs with dedicated VLS launchers for missiles.
    Would it be possible to somehow simulate the various types of launchers?
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    We'll see what we can do. Not possible to have two weapons sharing one firing rate, but can look into the weapons separately.

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