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Thread: Military spending?

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    Military spending?

    It is very funny. I am always told to keep military spending below $1 Million. Told is the wrong word, I am recommended. I follow this scrupulously, but spend $7 Million on training of the military, which the game does not advice on. My handling of the economy, and the military is first rate, according to my ratings in comparison to other nations. I am within the first three nations in both. In an earlier game, I was totally economically in dire straits. I was producing nothing, the nation was only making sales, and I had a huge deficit. But, I did not issue bonds at all, and the game liked the way I managed my economy. The people were 'satisfied', but my approval rating was only 10%. In the current game, my approval rating is rising, among the people.

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    I am the number 1 economy, but how, I don't know. I am also the number 1 military, and the number one tech. nation. After me, comes the United States.

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    What are the benefits of keeping salaries below one million, of the armed forces, and training them to the cost of seven million? The Israeli Army has compulsory conscription. In my army, I am keeping salaries to normal levels, but giving the soldier perhaps the best training. If the soldier needs to be employed elsewhere, his military training is still with him. If India needs a sudden demand in soldiers, what does this mean? If a reasonable amount of soldiers (I hope not) have found employment outside the armed forces, they can fight for the nation in times of war. This is the worst case scenario. I want the soldiers to be in the army, and I want non-soldiers, who are never employed in the army, to have the training which is borne out of seven million investment.

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