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Thread: A few initial questions

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    A few initial questions

    OK this may be a stupid question, but as my working knowledge about radar is limited to a little reading about the battle of Britain and the rather embarrassing situation where the RN AA radar could not distinguish between Argentine aircraft and land during the Falklands war, I have to ask... what are the various advantages to the different aircraft highs? OK I know my AWACs want to be high up in order to get the best range (thank you tutorial) but does that be that there is an advantage to keeping my fighters as low as possible? and then only coming up to medium hight to attack?

    Also is there a decent way to have my aircraft avoid enemy missiles, as at the moment its seems a little hit and miss, (eg if they are are targeted is there an advantage to turning on active radar and an optimum manoeuvring hight?

    Also are there any plans to have an in game encyclopaedia, I can see allot of work went into researching and building the various weapons and platforms in this game, as well as the radar, and it would be nice to be able to read up in their capabilites without being in the game.

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    Hello John,

    It sounds like you have radar pretty well understood. The spotter wants high ground (max altitude) while the target wants low ground (minimum altitude). You can attack from low altitude, too, which is probably something we will want to correct (in real life high altitude has clear advantages re. range/velocity).

    Evading missiles: Very low altitude is somewhat better to avoid being hit. Active radar doesn't help evading, but it may give you a chance to shoot back.

    We plan to improve the game in a number of ways. Giving more information about units, weapons and sensors in-game is definitely something on our list, but I dare not commit to what and when.

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    Good stuff, Thanks for the reply

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