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Thread: "I Have problems posting in threads/seeing content in the forum" <-- is this you?

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    Exclamation "I Have problems posting in threads/seeing content in the forum" <-- is this you?

    Does the above description fit your problem?

    Then, most likely, your problem is caused by your e-mail address not being confirmed.

    Castellon Edit (for details):
    More detailed explanation: When you register, and every time you change your e-mail address here, the forum will automatically send you an email (that you need to click a link in) to confirm that the e-mail address is legit and that you own it.

    So if you missed one your account is restricted.

    Castellon EDIT: Solution A) Try this first as it is easier.

    Solution B) - Try changing your registered e-mail address (you can change it back again immediately) and check your inbox (including the spam folder).

    If you then change your e-mail to a nonsense one and then back to the one you want, the forum will send you a new confirmation email to the address you want to use. Act on that new confirmation email and you are done.

    For Paradox Accounts: It may be that your account is not verified on your paradox account: You can do that by going to

    If none of the above work for you then please log a ticket at and one of our support agents will be able to sort you out quickly.

    Hopefully this solves your problem. If not, please let us know.

    Best regards
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