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Thread: Couple of things

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    Couple of things

    I really like Gettysburg, sure it isnt populated on the servers (which sucks) but if I can persuade my friends to try it out I bet we could have a lot of fun blasting each other away.

    Never the less a couple of things that keep bothering me, (or at least taking me out of the atmosphere) is units noclipping through fences, at least for me almost makes me angry I gotta hop the fence/wall while they walk through it, maybe you could get them to hop over it too which would be nice.

    Also maybe you could work on the destruction a bit more, for example I drive a tank and when I drive into a tree, it disappears with a crunch sound, this also happens with fences, and brings my tank to a complete halt at times >_>.

    At the least I would like to see a little puff of smoke for fences breaking down or see the tree fall over, it would make the game look better overall and yea, thanks for being dedicated to this game, unlike other developers who use it to get money.

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    Also forgot but when will you enable editor? (not sure if this is just me) but it isnt on my menu and some people say you cant save maps yet.

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    Yup, a lot of these issues will be addressed in the patch next Friday.

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