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Thread: HRE Election

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    HRE Election

    If the vote system as posted in the EU2 wiki is the same in FTG (unlike irl with the 7 electors):

    If a hre state annexes another, do they inherit their vote/votes and is there any way to keep track of this in-game?

    I have seen no messages about entering and leaving the hre, is this even possible?

    Once the previous emperor dies, the game won't stick to history and will elect whoever has the best relations with everyone? (right now in 1493 the voters picked Wurtemberg instead of Maximilian of Austria)

    (sorry I'm only just started FTG and am only familiar with EU3)

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    Relations govern who gets elected. Austria does get an election bonus which doesn't always suffice. Votes are not inherited and only provinces can leave the HRE (via scripted events).

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    I think in vanilla provinces only leave the Empire if owned by a Muslim state.

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    Thanks for the replies, the ftg manual also helped.

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