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Thread: A BIG Bug!!!

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    Exclamation A BIG Bug!!!

    Kate!! I got a Big Bug on the game.
    I try to attack any enemy, after manual battle or auto battle, the Victory result screen will be displayed, when I click the close button, the victory screen doesn't closed, so I crashed in here and I can't play it any more!!!!

    Screen dump: http://postimage.org/image/pkwie611t/full/

    Please help to check it.

    I send the save to your email already.

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    Hah, hah Very funny!

    You're still only at Chapter 2 with already 13151 turns (it is more than 3000 years) behind you with lvl 34 heroes and maximum level units.

    But I wouldn't say it's a bug - and it will not be fixed. The game hangs because you've reached the game's boundaries - it's possible to do it as there's no turn limit. So congrats!

    But you should start a new game and play normally.

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