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Thread: Improving Clock Speed

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    Improving Clock Speed

    CPU Quad Core @3.4
    Crossfire Radeon HD 6850
    8gb RAM @ 1600

    In the beginning of the game, the clock rotates very quickly, but once I gain alliances, I am forced to have line of sight treaty, which really slows down the clock. Is their an option in the game, where in the graphics mode, I can choose to not display other countries units, even if I have the line of sight treaty?

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    I am much relieved. I have a i7 quad core processor, on my laptop, and the game doesn't even start sometimes!

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    The problem, most likely, is the 'stacking bug' that happens when nations go to war. If you look at places like Cyprus, it will sometimes be filled with units--this happens a lot when a country goes down fast (like North Korea in the Korean War) and merchant ships are moving toward the place...then the war ends. They will go to the nearest friendly port. So you get a huge stack of stuff sort of shuffling around...which slows the game down considerably.

    Try a "no units" game start and see how fast the game runs--like lightning.
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