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Thread: How do I register my game?

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    How do I register my game?

    I am trying to register Cities in Motion game, as recomended in the forum. At the registration page after entering the selected game and the code received from GamersGate for downloading, the answer I receive is: "invalid code". I need help with his issue please.

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    Can you verify your code is accurate?
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    Yes, I checked and double checked more than 3 times. GamersGate provided me with the 24 digits code for game downloading and activation. I e-mailed the problen to Paradox Forum Administrator and I got back an automated response with a multiple top reasons that take me to nowhere. I really down know what else to do.

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    Your GamersGate download code is not the GamersGate registration code.
    Go to the GamersGate site, and click on the "Forum Key" button (underneath the Download option).
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    giladteller thanks for clarifying the issue. I did as told and GamersGate has ran out of "Forum Keys". I will have to wait. Thanks for the assistance.

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