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Thread: Request Flag as Guard Feature be added in as in SOTS1

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    Request Flag as Guard Feature be added in as in SOTS1

    I would like to request that the Sword of the Stars 1 "FLag as Guard" feature be added back in so if you aren't paying attention and forget to assign a fleet to a battle that it doesn't accidently select your colony fleets or construction fleets as the "defense fleet" for an encounter.

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    It's not quite the same thing but I'll name and rename my fleets depending on their regular missions. "1st Survey", "3rd Patrol", "4th Strike" helps me keep them organized.

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    Could have sworn this was already in the game.

    You can flag fleets with a star, I forget if it's in the fleet manager or in the battle manager, and when combat in the system happens the game will initially auto-select the starred fleet.

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    Yes ones with stars are the priority fleet to take action if invaded.

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    Could have sworn this was already in the game... This is why a good manual and tooltips are important. Nobody actually knows what feature is in the game and where it is.

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    Flag fleets with a star? So what do you mean by that, put a star in their name or something? Right click fleet, flag as guard, and when your attacked and accidently choose a fleet its chosen automatically. Superior and takes half a second.

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    Thought it is obvious, you can select a fleet in the battle manager (or fleetmanager) by just click on it. Fleet with the golden star will be assigned as fleet for combat.

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