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Thread: >>YAY<< Naval War: Arctic circle now released on steam >>YAY<<

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    No Demo
    Never smile - It is contagious

    Got one of my AARs made into a video. Thank you, Paradox Extra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuckenschmidt View Post
    No Demo
    Hrmph. We're going to have to check that out tomorrow, if it's not fixed by then. All that should be up, but obviously somebody forgot to dot the last i and cross the last t somewhere. Sorry about that.

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    Now downloading

    Still no CD key in Steam, though

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    Just started downloading! cant wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Baker View Post
    I raged when I saw the deal on Steam. How did you manage to get CCotA, it didn't appear in my list Almost feel cheated (by life, not TTG <3) *sigh*
    [strike]Maybe because I pre-ordered. I really don't know for sure.[/strike] (GamersGate has the same deal per their NWAC page)

    I was kinda miffed when I saw the Steam deal but I thought I'd better check my GamersGate list. There it was. I clicked for my serial key before they changed their mind.
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    Oh, right. Gotcha, thanks a bunch (Did you manage to activate it on steam at all?)
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    No. I haven't had a chance to try but I'm not expecting that the GamersGate serial key of Commander will activate on Steam. I only expect Steamworks games to activate.

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    Damn you, Turbo Tape Games.

    If you put your name on an Airliner, I just have to fire at it ! How was I supposed to know that would relive me of my command? ;-)

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