We're back from an intense, crazy and totally wonderful weekend at PAX East - our first try at a consumer show which blew all of our expectations out of the water. Therese Jansson, Artist at Arrowhead Game Studios was there to take both consumers and press through the game and here's the first collection of previews from the show. Don't forget to check in with us on Twitter @ShowdownEffect and FB Facebook/TheShowdownEffect as well for pics and updates from the show. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the booth.

“Not only can your tiny hero pull off the always appreciated dive and shoot move, he can also grab ledges to pull himself up to higher levels, slide down walls, and even do cartwheels and backflips Matrix-style, to avoid incoming rounds.”

Ten Ton Hammer
” From the moment I sat down until the end of my demo time I had a total blast playing the game, and have no doubts that it will prove to be another hit for Arrowhead.”

“The Showdown Effect may be the most viscerally fun game I’ve played so far.”

”The best thing about Showdown Effect to me, is how tight the controls are.”

The Gamer Access
”The Showdown Effect delivers highly addictive gameplay that any one can catch the grasp of in no time.”

Gamers Haven News
“It is an amazingly fun and addictive game that has some great concepts mixed with the humor we have come to know and love from Magicka.”

Electronic Playground [VIDEO]

Piki Geek
“The Showdown Effect is looking like a solid, fun to play multiplayer game.”