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    I have been playing offline skirmish for 4 hours and I've noticed some bugs the most noticeable being the zombie cavalry bug. (sorry if I posted this in the wrong section I don't use forums much)

    Below is a list of bugs and some information about them:

    - The "zombie cavalry" bug is basically occurs when some cavalry units in a squad are dead but some how they can still attack and kill enemy units. They also cannot be killed by anything until their squad respawns (I'm assuming).
    - When playing in 3rd person perspective the rag doll death physics seem to become extremely rare and are replaced by the death animation (falling to their knees then landing face first in the ground) until I'm back in RTS mode. (Seems to occur in RTS mode sometimes a lot too)
    - The infantry and cavalry squads under the players command engage targets when moving to a location but when that happens they just stay idle once the enemy is dead and the don't continue on to the ordered location unless I tell them to keep moving by clicking where I want them to go again.
    - Units sometimes look glossy when there is any sort of lighting effect on them.
    - Cavalry don't attack enemies near them once they have reached their detonation.
    - There's a bug that sometimes occurs where the ship/boat sometimes moves on land.
    - Units shoot at the ground when they detect an enemy on the opposite side of a hill or is on an elevated position where they cannot be hit from the bottom of the slope.

    This is just a suggestion but could you make it so that in skirmish mode you can recruit more than 12 squads provided that the spending points aren't exceeded, please?
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