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Thread: Sengoku some questions

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    Question Sengoku some questions

    If I like EU3 and sometimes playing japan in hoi2. I might like this game right?

    Can you take on Korea with Japan unified if thats possible in this game?
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    The game is restricted to Japan only, so no forays into Korea (for now, at least). I've played EU3, EU: Rome, Sengoku, and Crusader Kings-- I'd have to say this game feels most like a blend of EU3 and Crusader Kings. There's a strong focus on warfare and conquest along with managing your vassals and family. The overall scope is pretty limited for a Paradox game but there's still a lot of nuance and replayability to be found. If you're looking for the same complexity as the two games you mentioned then you may find Sengoku somewhat lacking. On the other hand, the struggle to progress your character from the lowest rung within a clan to the heights of becoming Shogun by any means necessary can be quite challenging and fun.

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    Oh hi Pioniere, nice to see you interested in Sengoku.

    Vanilla game is really straightforward with not as much dept as one would want - luckily we have a great mod (in the making but you can already play it) which extends game elements a lot.
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