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Thread: Paradox PAX Power Set To Unleash This Weekend – Kill Your Friends in Creative Ways!

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    Paradox PAX Power Set To Unleash This Weekend – Kill Your Friends in Creative Ways!

    War of the Roses Video Dev Diary & The Showdown Effect Live Stream Footage Locked, Loaded, and Loosed!

    Paradox Interactive is headed to Boston for PAX East this weekend and is not holding back their Paradox PAX Power, bringing with them the highly anticipated medieval multiplayer massacre-er War of the Roses and the upcoming project from the humorous masochists behind Magicka dubbed The Showdown Effect.
    Swing by booth 368 at PAX East to get the chance to kill your “friends” and arch-nemeses alike in a multitude of creative ways. You know, like face stabs and four-story-drop-off-to-rocket-launcher-kill combos.

    To know what medieval battle or 80’s action movie you will be stepping into at PAX East, check out the newly released videos below!

    War of the Roses video developer diaryDoes death come before dishonor? When it’s staring at you in the face, honor may not be a factor anymore. Gordon Van Dyke, Senior Producer, divulges details on the stark differences in ranged arsenal available for medieval third-person massacre-er War of the Roses. Players will get a close look at the forthcoming long distance arsenal, including the longbow and newly introduced flintlock, as Van Dyke provides new insight to those who like dealing death from afar. War of the Roses will enable players to select from a total of 60 weapon types, pulverizing their opponents whichever way they can in this epic and gritty multiplayer title.
    Watch Gordon Van Dyke’s latest War of the Roses video developer diary below:

    Forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...r-of-the-Roses

    The Showdown Effect live streaming footage
    More is more, especially when it comes to action movie archetypes. Paradox Interactive has released footage from their recent TwitchTV live stream event showcasing The Showdown Effect, the 2.5D cheesy action movie-inspired sidescroller from Magicka developers Arrowhead Game Studios. Relive the broadcast with Arrowhead’s Design Director Emil Englund and Paradox Interactive Producer Shams Jorjani and watch them answer questions from the community about specific game mechanics and monkeys.
    Watch the live streaming footage for The Showdown Effect below:

    Forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...n-Effect-(The)
    Gone, but not forgotten!

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    Reminds me of that multiplayer focused side scrolling shooter Mojang is working on.

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